Roll Call - 16th Annual Rookie Mock Draft

Roll Call - 16th Annual Rookie Mock Draft

  • We have exactly 32 members and two weeks prior to the start of our mock draft.

    This roll call has a few purposes.

    1. If anyone has a change of mind and needs to drop out, please let me know.

    2. If a member is willing to take a second team, if a member drops out prior to the draft or during the draft. We have a few members, but a few more would be nice.

    3. Please indicate your continued interest. It would be nice to have all members on one short thread.

    Thank you!

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  • Yep Titans here

  • Raiduhs onboard

  • Packers are packed and ready.

  • Bengals are ready to go

  • Pats war room is already operational.

  • Raiders ready to go, and if you need it I'll drive a 2nd team

  • Miami is ready to roll!

  • Thanks for the early responses. It is almost like a count down for important dates, March 12th, tagging, March 15th free agent frenzy on NFL Network. The real fun begins with the March 16th-18th 3:59, team and agent legal contact. The real fun begins at 4 pm Wednesday, March 18th. What veteran free agents go off the board the first few hours.

    Our draft starts, Thursday, 4 pm, March 19th, 12 picks between 4:00 and 12:00,

    Getting members to sign up on the roll call will help me send PMs the day/night prior to the members making their selections during the first round.

    I do want to thank LAGreg for offering to taking a second team. Last year we had a nice list, but never had to use them. I don't know if we will be as lucky this year.

  • The evil, filthy, unholy Ratbird Ravens are ready

  • The Cleveland Browns are ready and have their picks all queued up in the high performance computing cluster. Alexa will be announcing pick #10.


    Jags here!!

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  • Chargers are excited and ready to charge!!!!

  • Falcons are ready.

  • Dallas owner withdrew from our mock draft. Members who look at the Dallas picks and want to switch teams send me a PM. I will try to assign the team with the weakest number of draft choices. Dallas has 17., 51, 82, 4th, 6th and 7th. I do not know if they have any compensatory picks.

  • Giants signing in.

  • Eagles are ready...

  • Ready

  • Ready.
    Will take on a second team later in the draft, if needed

  • Who-Dat Saints are ready to roll

  • Dolts ready

  • DAAAAAAAAAAAA Bears are ready!
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  • The New York Jets are ready

  • The good news is - free agency is about to start with the opening bell at noon today. Franchised players are either franchised or not by noon today.

    Some signing has started internally by teams or signing free agents that are eligible to be signed prior to March 18th, 4 pm.

    Some contracts might not be finalized until the free agent passes his physical, but, hopefully, they are all in good shape.

    The window to our draft is pretty short, but it is better to have the draft start after free agency, then before.

    We have a new member on the wait list and I need to add another member to the list of members who have agreed to take a second team.

    If you have not noticed, I keep bumping my name to the bottom of members willing to take a second team.

    Hopefully all members will be participating.

    Thanks to the new members who have signed up. My special thanks to our members who agree to participate year after year. Sometimes I might not select the right words to encourage a member to make their pick on time or make their pick. This mistake may have cost some members of the past to stop participating. I hope that when I have these moments, members consider the source and continue to participate. Hopefully, these moments are not caused by senior moments, although, it has been a long time since I could be considered a young guy.

  • The Steelers have no first round pick but I'm here.

  • stowfan said... (original post)The Steelers have no first round pick but I'm here.

    Last Year I finally got the Browns and they traded away their 1st Pick, But still it was fun.