Steelers GM proposed 3 more rounds for NFL Draft do to Covid 19

Steelers GM proposed 3 more rounds for NFL Draft do to Covid 19

  • I am not sure where I come down this yet. I want more information. My bottom line question....does this make the Browns better? If the answer is yes then I am for it.

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  • F the Stools they pissed away most of their draft picks. Sign them later if you can.

  • Steeler wish it would happen, but it will not.

    They might have problems in the UDFA market. The best UDFAs are going to go to teams where they think they can compete.

  • In order to stop Covid 19 it is suggested the inbred allow the family trees to branch at this time.

  • Most teams have completed their UDFA initial signings. Their fans can select the top three and se if those players are equal to the 8th, 9th and 10th round selections.

    The Cleveland Browns signed a CB, A J Green, Oklahoma State, some believe was a potential 6th round selection. They also signed an OT, Alex Taylor, from South Carolina State. There could be some argument as to who the third best underclassmen is, out of the remaining 13 players.

    I let that player open to the consideration of the other Draft Brew Forum members.

    Some believe the Cleveland Browns did OK with their UDFA class this year.

    Building the Cleveland Browns in 2020 appears to be an initial success.

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