The 16th Annual Rookie Mock Draft - Starts 3/19 - Discussion

The 16th Annual Rookie Mock Draft - Starts 3/19 - Discussion

  • Note: ESPN is flashing that free agency starts at 4 pm on March 18th. This tightens up the schedule of the 16th Annual Mock Draft. This is the 16th year for our Annual Rookie Mock Draft. As stated last year, we had a few mock draft chats in years prior to the start of this 16 year run.

    The rules remain the same. Members who have participated last year or prior mock drafts have first priority. If they have not signed up by January 31st, midnight, when they sign up they enter the pool of new members.

    We also like to encourage new members to join. I listed a previous year's, many years ago rookie mock draft members list, to indicate the large amount of turnover over the years. I still draft for Detroit.

    All new members who sign up might not get an original team at the start of the draft, but a chance of assigned members have dropped out for business, school or personal reason. The same happens during the draft. Sometimes when no members remain on the wait list, existing members are asked to take over a second team.

    There are no trades. We tried that approach once when we had two members running the draft, SOBO has retired from our mock drafts.

    I will assign the Cleveland Browns to a member of those who have returned from prior drafts. I assign the Cleveland Browns to those members who have not had the opportunity to draft for the Cleveland Browns in prior years. I never maintain a list of who has has the Browns, since I never thought this would continue for these many years.

    We did do a change last year. We use to do 8 picks a day, but increased it to 10 picks. The timing of free agency and the start of the draft was reduced. It is always better to start the draft a few days after the start of free agency.

    There are many mock drafts and some are unique. This mock draft has 32 members with 32 teams and each member has their own approach or system. The delay in the start of the draft and it starting after a few days of free agency is somewhat obvious. If the draft started before, and a member drafted a player in a position, which was subsequently signed as the team's top free agent, the mock draft for that team would lose something. A team does not need two stud LTs, when it has so many weaknesses. If they have a chance to sign or draft two stud players, two different positions will help the team.

    Mock drafts and real drafts are not automatic matches, but, delaying the start a few days helps to make the mock draft review to the real draft, after the draft is concluded, the last bit of fun in this exercise.

    In prior mock drafts, requests for members to keep their PMs open. It is the method of updating members, especially in the first round that their selection is approaching. There has been some OBR redesign since last year's draft where a members PM is no longer visible on the screen. There is probably an alternate method, so just as a reminder, I need to be able to send private messages to members.

    If a member assigned a team misses their pick during the draft, there is a good chance his team will be assigned to another member. I will provide a time schedule for all selections. If a member misses a pick due to scheduling or some late unexpected event, I will provide a substitute pick to keep the draft moving. The member can correct the pick on the discussion thread or send me a PM. If a few selections happen after their pick, those players are not longer available.

    Members are encouraged to send a list of picks by PM to me, if they believe they will not be available for there assigned or scheduled draft time. If you picks is the fifth pick of the day, send five selections, not one or two. As the draft develops many members focus on the same (best players available). This is known from prior years experience, since, I may receive a few lists for the same period and some of the same player names are on the same list.

    If anyone has a question ask it on this thread or send me a PM.

    Those previous members who are willing to take a second team, please indicate it when you sign up.

    Note: Please list four teams that you would like to draft. Indicate the team you previously drafted, but, if your preference is to draft for another team, please indicate it. Every member will not get their first choice, but, I will try to assign the teams fairly.

  • Discussion
  • I'm in again! I have participated in all previous 15 drafts, and I encourage everyone to participate. It's a lot of fun! I would love to draft for the Cleveland Browns, and I have never (hint, hint, hint) drafted for the Browns in any of the previous drafts. Should I get the short straw again, I would be happy to draft for the Cincinnati Bengals, as I have for nearly all of those years (all but one?). Should anyone else get a sudden, uncontrollable urge to draft for the Bengals, my choices would be:

    1) Cincinnati Bengals
    2) New England Patriots
    3) Miami Dolphins
    4) Buffalo Bills

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  • I'm interested in participating

  • Where do I sign?

    I have picked for the Browns and never want that pressure again. Furthermore, I don't want to be assigned any AFC North teams. Other than those, whatever team you need me to take, I have no problems taking leftovers.

  • Members need to select four teams.

  • Hey there, Ram! It's the best season of the year. Draft hopefulness! I'm eager to participate again this year.

    I've not had the Browns in years prior, so I am still able to pick for them if I win the lottery. I am also able to take on two teams if need be.

    1. Green Bay Packers (the team I've been for a few years now)
    2. New England Patriots
    3. Minnesota Vikings
    4. Jacksonville Jaguars

  • One of the reasons why I ask members to list 4 teams. When it comes to assigning teams, the more teams that can be matched against the ones members want should help them keep interest in the draft and increase the chance that they won't quit the draft.

    Some years hardly any members quit and go the seven rounds and other years there tend to be a high turnover and that is why I ask for more members to signup or active members to indicate they would be wiling to take a second team if one becomes available and there are no new members on the wait list.

    I do mention the January 31st cutoff for past members, because sometimes it is good to get new members. Sometimes prior members want to sign up after January 31st but appear to say that they will wait till next year instead of getting on a wait list. Starting this thread in early or late December should provide enough time for them to sign up.

    New members who sign up in late December or January tend to be permanent Draft Brew Forum members.

  • My teams are Bills, Giants, Skins, and Jets.

  • Like I said, any team except an AFC North team for me. In addition, I will gladly take a second or even a third team if needed.

  • 1. Los Angeles Rams (I've been them the past 3 drafts or so and would like to continue. And no one else would want them given their hilarious strategy of trading all their picks)

    2. Los Angeles Chargers

    3. Miami Dolphins

    4. Washington Redskins

  • In
    Are the two teams I have had the past few years

  • Im in.

    1. Browns - never picked for them
    2. Colts (I've had them last couple yrs)
    3. Dolphins
    4. Raiders

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  • In...

    Eagles (been doing them for 3 or so years and enjoy)

  • Been doing it for the past few years and have had the Vikings





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  • In.

    I can't remember the teams I've had in the past. I believe it was the Buccaneers and Falcons. I'm not sure if I have had any others (not including the teams I've helped out with the later rounds in the draft).

  • Unfortunately I am out this year

  • Please count me in for the Steelers again.

  • 1. Browns (have not drafted for CLE before)
    2. Dolphins
    3. Falcons
    4. Raiders

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  • I'm back!

    1. Raiders - I was the raiders last year and would like them again

    2. Miami

    3. Jacksonville

    4. Atlanta

  • Ready.....

    1-Dead Birds

    2- Riverboat Ron's team

    3-Or Joe Judge's team

  • Happy to participate again. I’ve been the Arizona Cardinals for a while now. Vikings before that, and I’m happy to take either of those again. Obviously I’d like to draft for the Browns. Thanks Ram.

  • I'd like to be in again. I've done the Titans for a long time now.

    1. Titans

    2. Dolphins

    3. Chargers

    4. Panthers

  • 1. Browns
    2. Bengals
    3. Bills
    4. Dolphins

  • I’m in again and have been the Falcons for several years now. I’ll take any team though if not the Falcons again.

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  • I've had the Ravens for a few years

    Would like


  • Browns