The 16th Annual Rookie Mock Draft - Starts 3/19 - Discussion

The 16th Annual Rookie Mock Draft - Starts 3/19 - Discussion

  • BothThePruittsMoves said... (original post)A little, final Browns draft recap. Here are the selections and a quick summary of my thinking at the time.10. OT Tristan Wirfs (Iowa): ...

    If you just switch Wirfs with Thomas or Wills, I'd like your draft better than the Browns, good job!

  • Damoe Arnette (Pro 19 Mine 52 + 33) - Every single time I talked about this pick I always mentioned he was a first round talent. Vindicated :)

    Cam Akers (Pro 52 Mine 84 + 32) - Selected by the actual Rams! Not only is it cool to get a 2nd round talent in the 3rd round, it's also great when it's the pro team that also drafts them. I said he was a top 50 player and he was 2 away from that in the draft.

    Saahdia Charles (Pro 108 Mine 104 - 4) - Basically almost even with my pick. That is pretty good.

    Davion Taylor (Pro 103 Mine 126 + 23) - I picked him in the 4th and he went in the 3rd. He's going to be an interesting prospect to watch because he is very boom/bust. But still very cool to have another player go an entire round before I picked them.

    Isaiah Hodgins (Pro 207 Mine 199 - 8) - Not going to lie, I was surprised he slipped this far in the draft. I see something that other people don't apparently. But 8 isn't that far off.

    Derrek Tuszka - (Pro 254 Mine 234 - 20) Numbers wise, my biggest "miss". But is it a miss when it's just a 7th round flier? I am high on Tuszka, and it's interesting to note that Denver had the best look at him in the pre draft activities. He trained in Denver. With Covid happening, a lot of teams didn't get a good chance to really study him. Denver did. But almost Mr Irrlevent and almost undrafted.

    Total score + 56

    I think only having 6 picks, and 0 first rounders, I was able to do really good. My first pick was at 52,! I only had 2 picks in the first 3 rounds and still managed to get 1st, 2nd and 3rd round value. And Saahdiq Charles was 2 picks away from sneaking into the 3rd.

    None of this says how they will fare in the NFL of course. And we can't really judge a draft until three years after the fact, but I feel good and think it'll turn out to be a very good draft.

  • Manamal said... (original post)Not to be critical, so I would not mention and any player picks, Some of the players picked our not on my top 250 list, Just a observation, Like I s...

    After the draft you were going to identify the player

  • stowfan said... (original post)After the draft you were going to identify the player

    I didn't keep my list all I can remember right now it happened in the 3rd or 4th rd.

  • Manamal said... (original post)I didn't keep my list all I can remember right now it happened in the 3rd or 4th rd.

    It was in the fourth round and you had the player number 250 on your list? You found it odd someone would draft a player so highly/

  • stowfan said... (original post)It was in the fourth round and you had the player number 250 on your list? You found it odd someone would draft a player so highly/

    Kenny Willekes, DE, MSU He ended up being drafted By Minnesota 7th rd pick Pick 11 in the rd.

  • I made picks for two teams, the Steelers and the Seahawks., I finished the accounting for both, I'll do the Steelers first.

    My seventh round pick went undrafted, and my pick of QB Jacob Eason tumbled 73 spots. The irony is when I turned the pick in, RAM mentioned Jordan Love was undrafted and Asked me if I wanted to change my pick?

    I did do very well with every pick in between and ended up 24 picks on the positive side

    My pick Real draft Difference

    49 Jacob Eason QB Washington 122 -73
    102 Davon Hamilton DT Ohio State 73 +29
    124 Tyre Phillips OG Mississippi State 106 +18
    135 Alex Highsmith OLB Charlotte 102 +33
    198 Joe Reed WR/KR Virginia 151 +47
    232 Austin Hall LB/s Memphis UDFA -23

  • With the Seahawks picks I ended up 21 spots on the bad side, but had everyone drafted.

    My pick NFL draft difference
    27; Yetur Goss Matos Edge Penn State 38 -11
    59 Raekwon Davis DT Alabama 56 +3
    64 Malik Harrison OLB Ohio state 98 -34
    101 Ben Bartch OT St Johns (Minnesota) 115 -14
    133 Logan Stenberg OG Kentucky 121 +12
    144 Kindle Victor CB Georgia Southern 163 -19
    214 John Hightower WR/KR Boise State 168 +49

  • All of my Cleveland Browns' picks were selected in the actual NFL draft, so I'm pleased with that. Here are the results:

    • I picked OT Tristan Wirfs (Iowa) at #10. He was taken by Tampa at #13. ( -3 ). Note that Wills was gone in our draft, but I still would have taken Wirfs.
    • I picked LB Zach Baun (Wisconsin) at #41. He was taken by New Orleans at #74 (-33). We obviously weren't interested, to the dismay of many Browns fans.
    • I picked DT Jordan Elliott (Missouri) at #74. We indeed took Elliott in the 3rd, but after a trade down to #88 (-14).
    • I picked S Kenny Robinson (XFL, West Virginia) at #97. He went to Carolina at #152 (-55). I thought this pick was a bit early, but safeties were flying off our board.
    • I picked WR Van Jefferson (Florida) at #115. He went to the Rams at #57 (+58). Good value here for this excellent route runner.
    • I picked LB/S Tanner Muse (Clemson) at #187. He was taken by the Raiders at #100 (+87).
    • Finally, I picked TE Stephen Sullivan (LSU) at #244. The Seahawks also took a 7th round flyer on him at #251 (-7).

    Totaling this up, my net result was +39 to the good. I'll take it. Thanks again Ram for running the show.

  • The Detroit Lions. There probably is a pretty good phrase for this draft. There were some hot picks, some close picks and some did not get picked.

    The draft has it highlights - I selected D'Andre Swift, RB, Georgia for Detroit and guess what Detroit picked him with the 35th pick. I don't remember how many points a member gets for picking the right player at the right pick. If we have a previous experience, please let me know. Lets say 25 points.

    The overall points were 173 positive and 171 negative, netting a +2. If we add the 25 bonus points for D'Andre Swift, the final score would be a positive 27 points.

    I selected A. J Green, WR, Oklahoma State and he was a free agent, signed by the Cleveland Browns. I do get some comfort with that since researching UDFA list, many had him between a 4th and 6th round pick. He was my 166th pick. The math is not too tough. I used 256 as my Free Agent ceiling so it was a negtive 80 points.

    I had a similar problems with the 182nd pick Oluwale Betiku, DE, Illinois. Taking him minus 256 equals a negative 64.

    The 109th pick Rashard Lawrence, DT, LSU was selected with the 131st pick for a negative 22.

    I decided to pick Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson for Detroit but He was selected #8 by Arizona a negative five.

    80 + 64 + 22 + 5 = 171 negative

    So considering four negative how did I ever get a positive 2, prior to the 25 bonus. Just think if I would have followed all the mock drafts and selected Jeffrey Okudah, CB, The Ohio State, I would have gotten another 25 bonus points.

    The Good news.

    35. D'Andre Swift, RB, Georgia - Match - 25 points

    67. Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn was selected 30th by Miami - This was a + 37

    83. Bryan Edwards, WR, South Carolina (He had an injury factor). He was selected by Las Vegas with the 81st pick for a + 4

    149. Kevin Dotson, OG, Louisiana Lafayette was selected by Pittsburgh with the 135th pick for a positive +14

    235. DJ Wonnum, Edge, South Carolina was selected by Minnesota with the 117th pick. This was this year's home run a positive 118

    Positive points:: 37 + 4 + 14 + 118 = 173

    Summary 173 positive - 171 negative = positive 2 add in the 25 point bonus and +27.

    3. Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson - Drafted by Arizona

    35. D'Andre Swift, RB, Georgia - Drafted by Detroit

    67. Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn - Drafted by Miami

    85. Bryan Edwards, WR, South Carolina - Drafted by Las Vegas

    109. Rashard Lawrence, DT, LSU - Drafted by Arizona

    166. A. J. Green, CB, Oklahoma State - Not drafted, but signed a nice contract as an UDFA by the Cleveland Browns

    182. Oluwale Betiku, Jr., DE, Illinois - Not drafted

    235. D. J. Nowwun, EDGE, South Carolina - Drafted by Minnesota

    Like I said some good and some fair and some bad.

    It was fun. It seemed I had a home run last year that saved some embarrassment..

  • I did my draft eval, Idid do to well late in the rounds, I had two that fell out of the draft to be UDFA
    I drafted for the New York Jets

    11 CeeDee Lamb WR 17 1st rd -6
    48 Isaiah Wilson OT 29 1st rd +19
    68 Bryce Hall CB 5th Rd 158 -90
    79 Jonathon Greenwood, Edge 3rd rd 90 -11
    120 NIck Harris C/G 5th Rd 160 -40
    158 Jacob Breeland TE UDFA -97
    191 Brian Cole II S 7th rd 249 -58
    211 Levante Bellamy UDFA -44

    Ended up -327

    I guess I didn't do very well compared to what actually happened, I made a mistake with Breeland, I didn't know he was out for the season with a injury which caused him to drop out of the draft. It was fun, Thank You Ram for the Mock job well done

  • When I did my draft for the Detroit Lions it was a bit difficult with the last few picks.

    In the beginning I drafted the best players I thought would help the team, trying to stay close to their team needs.

    They needed a stud CB, but, I just liked Simmons. When it came to the RB, I found most extended mock drafts took RBs in the middle rounds. I never expected them to take the RB that early. However I know the difference between a potential great running back and just a running back. Detroit has not had a great running back in a good number of years and a great running back keeps a defense honest.

    At the end I was looking for players that fit the needs, maybe a little bit too much instead of drafting the best player available.

    I know when I was drafting for an offensive line player, it too more time. There were higher rated players, but, I just finally took the guy I liked.

    We learn a lot about the draft.

    This year members should not be discouraged with their score. We knew so much less about the players. The lack of information. There were a limited number of school workouts. No visits to the home team. No special school workouts by teams. The media does a nice job covering these players and team interest.

    So, the virus had a big impact on what we did.

    But we did it and everyone should know more about the players.

    I saw the last team review. I actually like the draft. He took his time and drafted good players. When we talk about the center that the Browns took at 160. He was a 2-3 draft ranked player. Good pick for the Cleveland Browns. I was not initially happy, because I wanted an EDGE Rusher. Nick Harris was just to good to pass. I really liked the real Browns draft.

  • I did reasonably well my players, with only one player not being drafted. Total score: +68

    13. Henry Ruggs III - drafted 12. +1

    31. Jonathan Taylor - drafted 41. -10

    156. Jordan Fuller - drafted 199. -43

    176. Reggie Robinson - drafted 123. +53

    210. Jake Hanson - drafted 208. +2

    217. John Reid - drafted 141. +76

    245. Calvin Throckmorton - undrafted (256). -11

    The only pick the 49ers kept was the 217th pick. They traded up or down or out with all the others. I wasn't even close to what the team actually did.

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  • This is a bump.

    I have to admit - I will have to check my math in future posts.

    I enjoyed about 10 minutes of reading the last five or so messages at the end of this thread as members were evaluating their drafts against the real draft.

    i try to bump a previous year's mock draft discussion thread to encourage old and new members to participate in the next mock draft.

    If anyone would have suggested this would go to a 17th year after the first few mock drafts, I would have doubted it. 15 to 17 years ago, I doubted that was even a remote possibility.

    There is a certain level of satisfaction when one of these drafts gets completed and members take the time to provide their own review and some comments on some of the other selections or other drafts.

    The goal is enjoyment, gain knowledge of the players in the draft and when the OBR does their live draft chats, know the majority of the players being selected.

    There are always surprises, but, .....

  • It's always fun, Ram. Sign me up!