The Best top 15 players in the 2020 Draft?

The Best top 15 players in the 2020 Draft?

  • The reason to determine the top 15 players in the 2020 draft, is to provide Browns fans an idea of which players might be considered for the Cleveland Browns 10th pick in this year's draft.

    The discussion of selecting the best player available, fill the biggest need or just select the best player available that fixes one of their biggest needs.

    This thread could disappear quickly or last some time, depending upon contributions to the thread.

    Members who get assigned teams to the 16th Annual Rookie Mock Draft might like the list about March 15th or so, when they make their decisions on making their team's selection for the first round. Free agency starts at 4 pm March 13th, and the Mock Draft will start at 4 pm, March 16th, Monday.

    There is always speculation that there will be trades in the real draft. Some sources are talking about the value of key draft spots, the 3rd, 4th and 5th position as well as the 9th.

    The underclassmen declaration for the draft is not yet finalized, so some really good candidates have yet to make their choice. How many high valued players are there.

    If members watched the Tennessee/Baltimore game, a 1st round pick by the Tennessee Titans, was finally healthy and able to play. He might have been considered a difference maker. Some talked/wrote about him last draft season, indicating he was a blue chip player and he would have been drafted earlier, if he was not injured. Speculation or truth is an unknown. We can remember Greedy Williams, CB, LSU was a solid first round pick in speculation, some expecting the Steelers to select him with the 20th pick. He feel on draft day to the second round.

    A twitter source provided a seven round mock draft of the Cleveland Browns with the 10th, 41st, 74th, 91st and 105th selection for the first four rounds. The 105th, will probably be around the 109th or 110th, when compensatory picks are assigned late in March 2020.

    There are many play making positions and players that are stacked in the early first round currently for the 2020 draft.

    Looking at a variety of early mock drafts, some have two or three OTs in their top 10 to top 15, whereas others have their first OT going the 10th pick in the draft. There are three QBs in the top 10, Burrows going first, but one or the other two going to Miami with the 5th selection. The QBs from Alabama and Oregon were selected in different mock drafts going to Miami. Who would want to trade to the 4th selection? If one did, would Miami take the 3rd QB, with the 5th selection, making the 6th highly valuable.

    Some sources discussing the first round of the mock draft mention, if players like DL, Brown perform at a high level at the Indianapolis combine he draft stock goes up. He could become a penetrating DT, which just adds to his high level of expectation.

    There are WRs and a RB that are considered high level. It does not take much to remember when a few years ago, a few WRs and RBs got drafted higher than expected pushing some potential Blue Chip players further down the draft order than expected. It also generate a high level of trade activity.

    It might be too early to discuss the 2020 NFL draft, but, the calendar events over the next few weeks will be generating the focus on the 2020 draft class.

    The 10th pick in this year's draft class was a totally unexpected situation, when I observed the Cleveland Browns at the start of last summer after the completion of the 2019 draft.

    How good is the 2020 draft class rated as the majority of the candidates are now known.

    Obviously, this is an early speculation thread, but, it might be fun to generate a likely discussion.

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  • This might not be the best source to start this fun, but I do like Tony Pauline and he does provide some short interesting narratives on each selection. I doubt that I will list 32 picks, but one selection was an OT and the narrative mentioned that the player was not the best OT left on the board, but, it fit the team.

    There is always two lists of players when reviewing a source. The source eventually list their top 150 or more players which does not exactly match the first 100 or 150 players listed in the same source mock draft. Two different lists, but, a general understanding of the top value players in the current draft class.

    Tony Pauline provided a mock draft prior to the Senior Bowl. He might have listed a player that has not yet declared for the draft, but again it is early and this is only fun at this early time of speculation.

    1. Cincinnati - Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    2. Washington - Chase Young, Edge, Ohio State - It might be interesting to know Andrew Brown, OT, Georgia was considered in an earlier Tony Pauline mock draft.

    I did want to add a note: I saw an earlier mock draft, say about December 16th and it was interesting to observe the change in team names in the following selections. Some weak teams got hot and won games and some other team did not do so well.

    3. Detroit - Derrick Brown, DL, Auburn

    4. NY Giants - Andrew Brown, OT, Georgia

    5. Miami - Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama - December 16th it was Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon - The December 16th site draft might not have been Tony Pauline's, a variety of writers provide for the source.

    6. LA Chargers? - Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama

    7. Carolina - Jeffrey Okudah, CB, Ohio State

    8. Arizona - Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa

    9. Jacksonville - Isaiah Simmons, OLB, Clemson

    10. Cleveland - Grant Delpit, S, LSU

    11. NY Jets - Cee Dee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma

    12. Las Vegas - Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

    13. Indianapolis, Jordan Love, QB, Utah State

    14. Tampa Bay - Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama

    15. Denver - RaeKwon Davis, DT, Alabama - He was a player I had hoped would have declared last year. In fact, there were a number of very good underclassmen last year that did not declare, just like there is this year.

    This mock draft does continue - There is another QB, plus either defensive or offensive playmakers, but the last two picks in the first round are centers selected by San Francisco and Baltimore. Since Baltimore lost yesterday, there is a good chance on the next mock draft, the selection will not be a center, unless the author decides to have Baltimore trade back. The 32nd pick in some mocks provide the ideal trade feature for a team moving up, who want a fifth year options, normally for a QB. Such as Ozzie Newsome did for their current QB. a few years ago.

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  • It is early, but, it is also fun.

    CBSSports provides their rankings. I remember a few years ago their rankings were the best, but those guys have moved on to other publications or sites.

    This is from today, January 14th.

    1. Chase Young, Edge Ohio State - He is now #2 after Joe Burrow's performance last night.

    2. Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    3. Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State - I wish Ohio State would have played LSU instead of Clemson.

    4. Tua Tagonoiloa, QB, Alabama

    5. Andrew Thomas, OL, Georgia - He is ranked high consistently, he might be a blue chip player.

    6. Isaiah Simmons, S/LB, Clemson

    7. Jerery Jeudy, WR, Alabama

    8. Ceedee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma

    9. Grant Delpit, S, LSU

    10. A. J. Espenesa, Edge, Iowa - declared today.

    11. Derrick Brown, DL Auburn - might be a special DT, his ranking is higher on other sources.

    12. Javon Kiniew, DL, South Carolina

    13. Henry Suggs, WR, Alabama

    14. Tristian Wirfs, OT, Iowa - undeclared

    15. Kristen Fulton, CB, LSU

    16. D'Andre Swift, RB, Georgia

    17. Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson

    18. Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma

    19. Jedrick Willis, OL, Alabama

    20. Vetur Gross-Matos, Edge Penn State

    Listing 20 players instead of 15 was done on purpose. The idea of trading back to pick up more pick (s).

    Each team has their own board. Many are similar early on the first day, but, the high needs of special players in special positions vary. The demand to move up, sometimes has more weight than true value and other teams feel more comfortable to move back with the team moving up paying a higher premium for their desired player.

    There are variances in the mock draft listed and these rankings. It just goes to show there are a number of variables that need to be considered when the draft happens. What players go off the board prior to the 10th pick, could have a great influence for the Browns to move back a few spaces.

  • It’s always interesting to see the player rankings vs the mock drafts! Completely different perspectives.

    One thing that interests me in this draft is the how many QBs go in the top 10, should be at least 3, but it could possibly be 4. And also what happens to draft spots 3&4. I dont see any way Det or NYG stay in those spots given the potential bidders to get in front of the Phins and Chargers to get their QB. I think the Skins stay and take Chase, sand position we were in when we selected Miles.

    Another is how many WRs (if any) and how many OTs go in the top 10.

    I don’t see the Browns moving down - at least I hope they don’t. Results have not been good for them on that strategy. They are in a perfect position to have a marquee player fall to them at 10!

  • ProFootballWeekly placed their top 100 players.

    What was interesting was

    5. WR, CeeLee Lamb, Oklahoma

    6. WR, Jerry Jeudy, Alabama

    10. CB. Kristian Fulton, LSU - He withdrew from the Senior Bowl.

    15. WR, Laviska Shehanult, WR, Colorado

    I will write the other players to complete the top 15, with an edit later tonight.

    Many of the other top 10 are repeats with two offensive linemen in the top 10 and three in the top 15.

  • 10. CB. Kristian Fulton, LSU - He withdrew from the Senior Bowl. - Not sure they saw the Championship game vs. Higgins. Fulton is good but top 10 is a stretch.

  • I don't know if anyone will agree with this list.

    This is my top five players as of now.

    1. Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    2. Chase Young, Edge, Ohio State

    3. Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson - SOBO has mentioned him as his third best player. Who am I to argue with SOBO. He will never make it to the 10th pick in the real draft.

    4. Jeffrey Okudah, CB, Ohio State

    5. Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

    I did notice that Jake Burns mentioned on his twitter that he really like the second tier OTs. He did not list them at that time.

    LA Greg, I would like to see your top 15 player on your ranking. It might be too early, so you can pass.

    My team Detroit has a top 5 pick, so, I imagine one of these five players could be my first pick in our mock draft on March 17th. I don't know if any is keeping count. It appears we have 26 or the 32 members we need to run the mock draft.

  • Kinlaw a beast at a position of serious need!

  • It will be interesting to build a top 15 or 20 player ranking after the Senior Bowl or the middle of the next week..

    There is some who say there are a solid top 9 or 10, without including WRs or second defensive players at various positions.

    Looking at ranking of 50 players and/or mocks find wide receivers and other players then the expected nine or ten.

    Some say 5 offensive linemen can go in the top 15 to 20. Potential five QBs could go in the top 15 to 20.. How many wide receivers? Defensive players, which might be in more demand, since there is not the depth of talent like the OTs and WRs. We read references to the QBs could go earlier than expected because of the demand. This has been repeated year after year.

    A list of 15 to 20 players could included more than 10 players that are being considered top 10 players, by a variety of sources.

  • LAGreg said... (original post)10. CB. Kristian Fulton, LSU - He withdrew from the Senior Bowl. - Not sure they saw the Championship game vs. Higgins. Fulton is good but top 10 is ...

    Cant get that game out of my regards to Fulton and Terrell both.
  • I believe PFF wrote commentary on their top 50 of 100 post Senior Bowl ranking recently and discussed Fulton, CB, LSU. One of the items that got my notice was that he has been the best CB on the LSU team for the past two seasons. Greedy Williams, CB, LSU was the second round draft pick of the Cleveland Browns. As mentioned on other threads, he was a 2019 mock draft by six of seven mock draft of first round picks between the 20th to 23rd selections.

    What caused him to fall in the draft was his failure to tackle and potential weakness against the run. It will be interesting to read or hear about the progress Greedy Williams made this season. He was hurt early in the season, but, he seemed to tackle and I had not heard to much negative information about his plays against the run.

    I would like to hear more about this situation.

  • ProFootballFocus provided an update on their top 100 players after the Senior Bowl.

    There was no change in their top 15 players, but their 18th player Josh Jones, OT, Houston, moved from 18th to 16th. Senior Bowl practice and game performance. The only other activity in the top 32, was the 31st dropped out of the top 32 and the next two moved up one.

    The player ranking and the mock drafts have two distinct measurement and what influences them, so, lining them up side by side provides interesting views.

    Player rankings from different sources do not mean much other than different opinions. When the comparison of mock drafts to rankings is done, a few items become pretty obvious.

    I used the PFF top 100 ranking that included two wide receivers in the top 10, 5th and 6th. I looked at's Lance Zierlein's 1st mock draft published today, who had his first WR 12th and 21st.

    Most members know QB are over drafted in mock drafts, just like real drafts and when positional players are high quality and the depth is deep, they tend to fall in the draft. The WR group is very good and very deep.

    It is interesting when the discussion of offensive tackles is done. This is a very good group and there are many. It is unfortunate there are not more.

    The PFF top 100 have OT's at 8, 9. 13. 16. 51, 67, 77, 79, 81, 86 and 93. The count is 11, however, there are other offensive linemen listed as guards and centers. There are always some offensive tackles in college that are considered more as guards in the NFL. I don't know if their 35th player, Jonah Jackson, OG, Ohio State could play OT in the NFL.

    I will list the tackles below. What should be noted some offensive tackles listed after the top four, have been listed in the first round on my mock drafts and their listing on this ranking starts at the 51st. It is interesting.

    Looking at the QBs. there are a top three, some believe a fourth is better than the third and overall their are about six in a top 50 ranking by Daniel Jeremiah.

    My interesting in rankings and mock drafts will continue up and through the real draft. I am most interested right now in the top 20, since the Cleveland Browns are at the 10th position. It was interesting last year, Pittsburgh moved from the 20th to the 10th to get their middle LB. It was the right move. They paid a price, but, they got the player they needed. Later Pittsburgh traded their 2020 first round pick to Miami for a previous blue chip 1st round play, who made the pro bowl. Pittsburgh, with their consistency and continuity is never a team to be ignored. I really do like the idea that they do not have a 1st and 2nd round pick for 2020. However they do have two stud defensive players, which make Pittsburgh management, players and fans very happy.

    Offensive tackles:

    8\. Andrew Thomas, Georgia

    9. Jedrick Wills, Jr., Alabama

    13. Tristan Wirfs, Iowa

    16. Josh Jones, Houston

    51. Calvin Throckmorton, Oregon

    67. Mekhi Becton, Louisville, - He was the 11th choice on Lance Zierlein's mock draft today going to the New York Jets.

    77. Lucas Niang, TCU

    79. Jack Driscoll, Auburn

    81. Matt Pearl, UConn

    86. Erza Cleveland, Boise State

    93. Trey Adams, Washington

  • This is Bleacher Reports stuff, put together by SOBO. It is not a mock draft, but, a good portion of it could be transformed into a mock draft.

    He took time to align best players in the draft for the respective teams in alphabetical order, that just happened to be in the order of value in either a player ranking or similar mock draft. This is pretty recent, so I thought it would be worth taking a little time to list. I also want to mentioned there were some very nice narratives for each player provided.

    1. Cincinnati - Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    2. Washington - Chase Young, Edge, Ohio State.

    Note: I wanted to note that I am watching the Q&A on C-span. I happen to put one group on mute, while I am writing this message.

    3. Detroit - Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State

    4. New York Giants - Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson

    I wanted to note that all four of these players, I would list as Blue Chip Players in this draft. The next number of players might be considered potential Blue Chip players, but, it might need reporting and the Indianapolis Combine performances to truly identify other players into this classification.

    5. Miami, Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama - He was hurt, but says he will be good enough prior to the draft. It might be a wait and see. I don't know if a team would be willing to trade the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, selection for a team to move up to get this player prior to Miami. That is the fun of the real draft.

    6. LA Chargers, Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon - Some mock draft recently had Jordan Love, QB, Colorado going to the LA Chargers. He is later selected for the New England Patriots with the 23rd choice.

    7. Carolina, Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn - This is an Indianapolis Combine guy. If there are so many OTs that continue to the 41st pick, I would wish Derrick Brown fell to the 10th pick. Add him to the defensive line and we start talking major defensive front four. I was hoping Larry Ogunjobi was going to continue to improve, but, he was somewhat inconsistent in 2019. It might have been coaching and I hope that is true, but, I just don't know.

    8. Arizona, Jedrick Wills, Jr., OT, Alabama

    9. Jacksonville, Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama

    10. Cleveland, Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa

    It is interesting that one WR made it to the top 10. I have seen two WRs listed in the top ten of recent player rankings. If two WRs were actually drafted in the first nine players, it sure would be interesting to see who was still on the draft board.

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