Tristan Wirfs OT likely a Brown? I think so....

Tristan Wirfs OT likely a Brown? I think so....

  • Kirk Farantz of Iowa has run a ZBS offence for YEARS. Word is the new HC is looking at folks from the shannhan/kubiak tree for his OC. So drafting a LT that has operated in simular scheme IMO is a good idea as it makes the learning curve flater going to the NFL.

    Also this is likely a simular arguement the analytical department might posit IMO. Or more simply put, round peg round hole.

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  • Its a pro argument for sure. I still think we need anyone on defense who can make a play and get us off the field as a greater hole.

    But if you are determined to go LT, system familiarity would be a strong pro argument all other things being equal talent wise.

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  • NTRPRZ said... (original post)I still think we need anyone on defense who can make a play and get us off the field as a greater hole.

    Possibly but you find LT's in the Top 20 picks usually. Difference makers on D can be as low as 3rd day picks. LT's not so much.

  • I have seen mock drafts where this player could go in the top 10, but there are also mock drafts that push him beyond the 10th pick.

    There is always the Chance that the Browns could draft him with the 12th or 13th pick and get an extra pick in the 2020 draft.

    I started a thread that probably will not get too much attention. I was hoping to get some feedback and build a top 15 to 20 player list, to determine the potential of the top three offensive tackles in this draft to see how far down the list they would fall.

    Some mock drafts already show three QBs getting drafted. That would be good. Ohio State contributes two potential players in the top 10, DE and CB. LSU provides a top five player. Who else contributes to the top 10 to 15. Some indicate three OTs. Throw in a DT, WR (s) maybe, and a potential S. There could also be a second DE or DT.

    I believe there are about 95 days to the draft. Things change which we all know regarding players moving up and down. The all-star games are just about over but the Indy Combine, school workout and individual team visits in the field or at their home base. There are always a few surprises each year, where a team will fall in love with a player.

    The OT form Iowa could be a very good addition to the Cleveland Browns.

  • But keep in mind Tristan Wirfs played right tackle. Some say no problem moving to left tackle because of his athleticism but others aren't as sure (watch the Michigan and Penn St. games.) I don't know if Georgia LT Andrew Thomas would be there but he could adapt to any scheme and is polished. It also is a very deep offensive tackle class too and we could see a quality OT in the 2nd round.

  • LAGreg said... (original post)But keep in mind Tristan Wirfs played right tackle. Some say no problem moving to left tackle because of his athleticism but others aren't as su...

    Why not play him at right tackle?

  • Somebody update me on the assumption.

    I have been told that the pass rush from the left tackle and right tackle is becoming closer to the same, because defensive teams have a variety of pass rushers and happen to move their primary pass rusher to the weaker player, which does not matter if he is playing on the left side or the right side. This is my first view.

    The second view. Again, those more knowledgeable than me. When the offensive line runs this new scheme for the Cleveland Browns does it matter if Kristan Wirfs plays LT or RT. Considering the running and the play action, does where he play make that much difference? It could be their belief that he is athletic enough to be coached to be a good LT, with this offensive line coaching scheme.

    I was looking at the twitter account of a few people. One who indicated that their could be 6 OTs drafted in the first round. I then went to the CBS Sports to review their rankings for offensive linemen (they decided to group all positions). I counted 11 offensive tackles listed in the first 60 players.

    There numbers were 8, 9, 15, 31, 32, 42, 44, 47, 54, 56 & 60. I am sure there are a few RTs in this group. I would like to see a LT in the first round and a right tackle, who could also be a swing tackle with the second pick. The quality of the starters and depth is important.

    I was reading another twitter account and one of my favorites talked about the Cleveland Browns addressing the offensive line in free agency.

    It appears it is going to be a major off season project.

    Kevin Stefanski, knows the importance of a good offensive line. His Minnesota team played with a rather poor offensive line and paid for it. He knows if his Cleveland Browns are going to win, they need a much better offensive line.

  • I think with the ZBS the importance is more on having a good interior line. I look to RG being the biggest hole to fill this off season along with Tackle.

  • Left tackle vs. right tackle

    Baker's blind side is left tackle and our current LT Greg Robinson is a free agent. There are still better edge rushers that go up against the LTs. Also, taking a quick look at free agency you see a lot of right tackles which we could grab not LTs. If your going to spend a top 10 pick you would hope to get a LT. It is fine to get a right tackle at 10 if he is outstanding, but he better be outstanding and I'm not sure I see that kind of separation between Wirfs and Andrew Thomas. Also with the depth in this class you could be looking at a high quality RT in the 2nd round.

    I also agree about getting a guard. Maybe in free agency or the draft. I was scratching my head when we drafted Austin Corbett instead of Will Hernandez or Connor Williams (or we could have even taken Braden Smith.) I wonder how our team would have turned out if we have changed that one selection.

  • I appreciate some of the responses on this thread. Good stuff!

    They say the quality and depth at the offensive tackle is deep in the 2020 draft. Some indicate that three OTs could go in the first draft. The sources are talking from a talent comparison. There are many teams that need LTs. The good thing as it relates to the Cleveland Browns, who select with the tenth pick. There are many key college players that rank as top 10 players in this draft at positions that the 31 other teams find more attractive for their team than a left tackle.

    Some of these positions are QB, WR, DE/edge rushers, LB, S and CB. When the Indianapolis Combine is completed various members will update their draft boards as well as many members of the media. The names will be added to those positions mentioned above and a pretty clear picture of the first nine teams in this draft and their favorite player as well as position group will be identified.

    There is also a chance that some trades might be made for teams who are positioned after the 10th selection in their moving into the top 9 positions for a specific player...

    The Cleveland Browns have one positive note from the 2019 season. It is a very big surprise to many members that the 2020 Cleveland Browns will be drafting at the 10th position in this draft. Last year, after the trade for Odell Beckham, the Cleveland Browns were scheduled to draft 49th, in the second round as their first pick in the 2019 season. This year two players are on their schedule to be selected at the 10th and 41st.

    Sometime in the near future, after tomorrow release of the declared underclassmen becomes official, the quality of the 2020 draft class can be determined. The underclassmen portion of the draft class looks good. The Senior Bowl's practice and game will reinforce the quality of the seniors in this year's draft. The East-West Shrine game represented some good seniors that will attract third round and later selections.

    The position depth for each group will be interesting and those evaluations might be reinforced after the Indianapolis Combine.

    The Cleveland Browns organization need to do very well with their first five selections, which should be the 10th, 41st, 74th, 91st and 117th or 118th. I know we wish it was the 105th or 106th. The only problems that prevents that from happening is the compensatory picks for 2020, which are not yet announced. There are some sources that project which teams get compensatory picks (none to the Cleveland Browns) and one source projects 11 third round picks. This appears a bit high, considering the few 3rd round picks awarded over the past 10 years or so, but last year there were more than the past years. It could be a new trend on how general managers are handling free agency.

  • I would like to see Wirfs at #10, but I have a bad feeling he'll be gone. How do you all feel about Jedrick Wills? Another RT, but both can be projected to LT also imo

  • Well whoever we draft, things just got a whole lot better for our offensive line:

  • A Guy I am curious to see how he does in all star games and the combine is Boise LT Ezra Cleveland. I mean wahts not to like he literally has Cleveland written on his jersey :D

  • We can be waiting for the 2020 Indianapolis Combine to get a good update on the potential offensive tackles in this draft class.

    The just released a three round mock draft, with their writer including compensatory picks at the end of the 3rd round that went from 97th to the 104th pick. I like the years when the draft had only three or four third round compensatory picks.

    Tony Pauline and his writers have just completed their 10th seven round draft. This one is for the Cleveland Browns Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa was the first pick. Kyle Dugger, s Lenoir-Rhyne, being the 42nd pick. I had thought it was the 41st. The return to the Offensive line with Ben Bartch, OT, St. John's being the right tackle. A couple defensive linemen, interior offensive lineman and finished with a WR.

    No LB appears on the list. All missing pieces will not be covered in a rookie draft. Missing pieces hopefully have already been addressed in trades and veteran free agent signings. The look for the one or potentially two tight ends.

    Address the offensive line is a positive. The two defensive linemen were Bradlee Anae, Edge, Utah at 90 and Davon Hamilton, DT, Ohio State, at 105. Some of these writers use the compensatory picks and others don't. It appears this one does not.

  • If Simmons or DT Brown are there at ten ...take one then try to trade back up for a solid LT or G based on what might be acquired via trade or free agency.

    The middle of the defense is a sieve...the middle of the offense can be strengthened... and is already better... simply because Bill Callahan is on board.

  • The only way I see the Browns not taking an OT is if Simmons or Okudah falls to #10.

    1st round grades as of today: J. Willis - T. Wirfs - M. Becton - A. Thomas
    2nd round J. Jones - A. Jackson - L. Niang
    2nd round IOL - L. Cushenberry - C. Ruiz

    The Browns have a few holes but OT - LB and IOL are musts in my opinion

    Like someone mentioned above it's still early in the process and names will change daily

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  • I’m fine with selecting Wirfs to play his natural position which is right tackle.

    If he’s a good right tackle capable of handling any pass rusher from his position, the protection simply is shifted to cover the left tackle position or a running back is used chip the end on the left side.

  • The middle of the defense needs a run game difference maker and a pass game pocket smasher; Ogi might respond to the new DL coach but...this team needs another big, fierce pocket get in the QB's face and help Richardson get upfield...and allow the LB's to attack the runners.

  • I think the difference between having 2 or 3 holes in the O-Line is huge. You can use a back or TE to help a week point in the blocking, but 3 holes is much harder to cover for.
    The ideal situation is to fill in the left side, beside Bitonio, and with Tretter in the middle. That leaves a more predictable week spot to plan for, on the right side.
    As far as Wirfs favoring the right side, I think that's probably only because he's practiced that side more. But I'm not sure and haven't looked at videos.
    At any rate, I think LT is the biggest need because of the overall O-line situation, at this point.
    Hopefully FA will clean some of that up. But I don't think it's going to be easy to do. Good players are hard to get without spending the big bucks. It's more likely we sign depth, which isn't "starter."

    Overall, I see 3 years to fill out a roster that can compete in the playoffs.
    And yeah, my gut is groaning.

  • On a related subject, I've been reading more about Mekhi Becton out of Louisville. He's a mountain of a man with power, length, nimble feet, and I was originally thinking he might be a real prospect for us, but I kept seeing/hearing little caveats about pass protecting issues. Then PFF kind of spelled out in this article:

    Maybe he's not a first rounder because he'll need a little more time, who knows...

  • theRealDawgZilla said... (original post)On a related subject, I've been reading more about Mekhi Becton out of Louisville. He's a mountain of a man with power, length, n...

    In my opinion, the details of this zone blocking scheme is a lot to learn, what with hand placement and facing, and everything related. That's why I agree with Sobo about Wirfs' training within that system. I haven't seen video on him, myself, yet. But we know how good Sobo is at that stuff. It's rare that I disagree with him and usually find out I'm wrong then, after a year.

    Not always, though! I'm sure I had one right somewhere, I had to have. lol

    I have to say that I won't be overly disappointed if the Browns take some game changer on D instead of a LT. That idea makes my mouth water for beer, and some shouts for "DEEFENSE, DEEFENSE."

  • Oregon played a zone blocking scheme. They have a 2nd round guard and a 3rd round tackle in the draft. We could do something like
    1st Javon Kinlaw DT- South Carolina
    2nd Shane Lemieux G- Oregon,
    3rd Calvin Throckmorton OT- Oregon
    Trade other 3rd for Trent Williams

    That would strengthen both lines.

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  • Marrieddog said... (original post)Oregon played a zone blocking scheme. They have a 2nd round guard and a 3rd round tackle in the draft. We could do something like 1st Javon Kinla...

    Great idea , those guys can play. Especially if Williams goes a year or two to start.
    If any of Simmons, Okudha, Brown, or Kinlaw make it to 10

  • theRealDawgZilla said... (original post)On a related subject, I've been reading more about Mekhi Becton out of Louisville. He's a mountain of a man with power, length, n...

    Ive never liked the idea of Becton at 10 in this offense. A project with a weight issue at 10 isnt worth it, especially considering who will be available.

  • I'd rather get a defensive difference maker at 10, S, DL pass Rusher and OL later, even if it requires a trade of assets to move up.