****Forum Rules UpdateD*****

****Forum Rules UpdateD*****

  • Number 1 rule:


    Be it movie, book, tv show, or video game ending. Just do not do it PLEASE!

    If you are discussing a current movie, show, or book... please add*SPOILER* in the topic heading as to not ruin it for someone who has not partook in such goodness.

    If you do not know what spoiler means... it is when you give away the ending or content or speak about content that would ruin the experience for someone who has not yet partook in such goodies.

    I am a purist myself, and do not even like to watch movie trailers if it is a movie im greatly looking forward to see.  So even as you postunder established threads please preface your posts with ****SPOLIER**** Thanks!

    Number 2 Rule:

    How about an after 10 pm on cable tv vocabulary. I will not be as family friendly as the cooler but at least clean it up a little. Thanks in advance!

    Number 3 Rule:
    Also, do not belittle someone because they like a certain pile of crap that you do not (IE: king kong) Attack the piece not the person.

    That applies to everything save star wars. Do not attack star wars, or any thing in the star wars universe, or you will be force choked on sight.

    Sub rule: Politics and political movies/books are not fun no matter how you cut it.  Take those arguments into the WWR.




    *Respect and Civility:*

    Even though we are using the internet, message boards are really about people talking to each other. Accordingly, one way to"self-moderate" is not to post anything you wouldn't say to the other poster's face in a
    polite setting.

    Show respect for other posters, they are entitled to their opinions, just as you are entitled to yours. If you don't agree with something that is posted and have a counterpoint, feel free to post the facts supporting your opinion. But, do so in a civil manner. Personal attacks on other posters may get your post deleted, or worse. In short, try to disagree without being disagreeable.

    Without visual cues from your face and body language and tone of voice, it is very easy to be misunderstood. A joke or a bit of irony can come across as something completely different, and satire can be misunderstood as someone's real opinion. That is onereason why people use emoticons in their messages - to avoid misunderstandings.  And remember, many members know each other outside of the forum, and have long posting histories - there may be "inside jokes" and other meanings you may not get. So, don't overreact to posts.


    Number 4 Rule:

    If you do not know if a certain post belongs here the answer is : IT DOES!

    Giveme your tired takes, your poor opinions,
    Your huddled masses of text yearning to breathe free and be read,
    The wretched refuse of your steaming piles of $hit.
    Send these, the homeless threads, tempest-toast and bagles unto me,
    I lift my head to the toilet of entertainment and puke my guts out unto this forum!

    Now get your write on and tell us what in this world could possibly be more fun than being a Cleveland Browns fan since the disaster...er...expansion.