GIFTED - In Theaters Today

GIFTED - In Theaters Today

  • This movie was written by a long suffering Browns fan. Stars Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer and Jenny Slate. I saw it at an advance screening and I loved it. The writer is from Ohio, and he hopes we take Garrett with the first pick. Anyway, support a Brownie and go see this movie. Funny, sad, family movie. If you take a date, bring tissue for her and you'll look like a champ.

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  • I saw the preview a few days ago. High on my must see list

  • GREAT movie, very emotional and uplifting!

  • Looks like Mansfield is not getting it

  • Fox Searchlight is adding 800 new screens this Friday, the 21st. Check after Wednesday and see if they added Mansfield.

    Gifted CinemaScore was A for the weekend and A+ for under 25. This is a heck of a movie, the kind people are always asking for. Try to see it this weekend if you can. Good date movie. Good for kids (one F-Bomb late in the film, and a girl stays over at Chris Evans Apt one night, but there's no nudity or anything like that) At my screening there were kids as young as 9 who loved the movie and the little girl who's the star.

  • Tell your friends!

  • ejester wrote:

    GREAT movie, very emotional and uplifting!

    Tell your friends! Let's word of mouth this little movie.

  • Mansfield finally got it

  • Loved every minute of it

  • DAWGED wrote:

    Loved every minute of it

    Thanks DAWGED. Tell your friends to get out and see it before Guardians of the Galaxy comes to town. The movie is finding an audience mainly through word of mouth. A lot of people are looking for this kind of family movie, but studios don't want to make them because they don't think people will support them.

    Anyway, glad you liked it!