MS Excel help

MS Excel help

  • OK so a number of years ago, I had built a simple checkbook register spreadsheet, complete with formulas such as AutoSum, and a couple custom ones which are very simple, such as (in f7)=f6-d7+e7, to take the previous balance, subtract debit and add credit. All was well and good.

    However, over the years and through a few different versions of Excel, and copying and pasting the sheet several dozen times, is it possible that the functionality in the formulas got corrupted? My running balance on the spreadsheet is several thousand dollars lower than it actually is. I coordinated with an accountant friend who got my correct starting balance set as of 1/1/17, but as of this writing it is off by thousands again. 

    Do I need to completely rebuild a new spreadsheet?

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  • I would suggest it. Excel is a great tool, but it can experience a few hiccups, especially if you are copy/paste large sheets, with a bunch of formulas. I have workbooks that I built a decade ago that work fine, others I have had to rebuild. If itisn't working, it may save time to just rebuild, as it looks pretty straightforward. It also gives you the opportunity to streamline a little bit easier.

  • The newer excel versions offer some really cool options for pasting including the formulas or keeping the same column widths etc. Maybe over the different versions there was a paste you did that didn't keep all the formulas in tact or functioning properly.

    I would rebuild myself. Maybe keep all your formulas in Notepad or Word or something as a backup.

  • Like I said, the formulas are very simple. Really just the example I posted and a few AutoSums.

    I did go ahead and make a whole new spreadsheet, and it seems to work much better. Thanks for the help.