"It" trailer is out and it looks pretty damn good.

"It" trailer is out and it looks pretty damn good.

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  • Pennywise still haunts me to this day, have been afraid of clowns ever since seeing that movie back in the day, but it was still great.

    This definitely looks good!

  • When I was a little kid the circus was downtown at the old auditorium.
    There was a mounted police officer and a clown lit a small firework, spooked the horse, threw the cop. Horse went crazy and the clown was running around screaming.
    I still have nightmares to this day.
    Looks cool but I won't go see it, clowns freak me out

  • Loved this book, even enjoyed the old TV mini-series. Ready for Scary Clown Time.

  • I will never know if this remake is a good flick or not. That's how good (scary) the first one was.

  • I might watch it eventually. I don't find clowns to be particularly fearsome.
    Not really a horror fan and they are generally not scary anyhow.

  • Re-watched the old IT miniseries from 1990 last weekend (you can rent it from iTunes). The great job by Tim Curry made me had made me forget how bad most of the acting was. Because it's bad.

  • I am not afraid of clowns and have never seen the mini series.

    I did however act at a haunted house for 15 years as an evil jester....thus the name here. I guess i will root for it!

  • I liked the trailer but... I think regular clowns in unexpected places are scarier than plain scary clowns. I think the whole point of Pennywise was to get the children's guard down for easy feeding. Who would go near this clown?