Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete

  • New show on Amazon Prime - really good so far, I'm 3 episodes in  

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  • Done and watched it
    Great cast. Cranston was great, Ribisi was awesome and the supporting cast was lights out.
    Graham Yost is the show runner and he was with Justified - so that's where some look familiar.

    Weird fact CbS declined the show, they went back to the drawing board and retooled it for "cable" and sold it to Amazon - really an outstanding show.

  • I just finished it. Pretty good. I thought the writing fizzled out a bit by the end but overall I enjoyed it. The Man in the high castle is the best thing on Amazon. IMO.

  • I just finished it last night. Good show. I will watch anything with Cranston in it. I guess he produces this show also. My only downside is that they seemed a little rushed in getting everyone caught up on the back story of this little band of grifters. I like they left the story open for next season.