• New show for FX - this show is awesome.
    Ridley Scott and Tom Hardy and his father are on the creative team and producers.
    Period piece in 1812, loaded with some mysticism, allusions of incest, black magic and possibly cannibalism - hence the taboo but a son returns to his father's funeral and thought dead, the English East and Trade company is seeking something from the deceased father and the returned son of great value.
    Great cast all round with Hardy, Pryce and many other notable actors.
    Maybe the best new show of the year...Check it out

  • Discussion
  • I agree.  Their is an intensity to this show that is awesome.

  • I really like it so far, and I enjoyed hardy a lot in peaky blinders. My one concern for the show is it being on fx instead of Netflix or hbo. I'm afraid they won't be able to really dive into the violence and instead have to continuously hint at its existence.

  • It's damn good. Fairly graphic and dropping f bombs so FX seems leinent
    Really good show that seems to have quite a bit going on
    Hardy plays one of the more menacing characters.
    Dude does ooze bad ass

  • Watched the finale today.
    Highly recommend this show. It was great tv