Boston Celtics @ Cleveland Cavaliers-11-5-19-GAME THREAD

Boston Celtics @ Cleveland Cavaliers-11-5-19-GAME THREAD

  • Starting for the Celtics will be Dennis Johnson, Danny Ainge, Kevin McHale, Larry Bird and Robert Parish.

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  • Well, as long as we're starting the reincarnation of Ron Harper, Brad Daugherty, Hot Rod Williams, etc, we should have a shot and books will be written.

  • The Celtics have won four in a row after an opening night loss to the Sixers. But two of those wins were against the Knicks and one at home against Toronto. However, they spanked the mighty Bucks 116-105. Kemba Walker is on fire the last three games, scoring 32 points or more in each. In the win over Milwaukee the Boston starters scored 108 of their 116 points.

    Jaylen Brown, averaging 17.3 ppg and 6.7 rebounds, is out, so that will help. They are counting heavily on Walker, Hayward, Tatum, and Smart. The key will be for our starters to play their starters even, if possible, and win the battle of the benches. But with Henson, Windler, Delly, Porter and Zizic out we don't have much of a bench. Clarkson, Nance, and Knight need to step up, especially Nance who's coming off a horrible game where he was a -33 against Dallas.

    After six games the Cavs are basically a team of three players if you place any faith in Hollinger's Player Efficiency Rating (PER). The Cavs' top three players in PER are Clarkson, Thompson, and Love, all clustered between 22.8 and 23.9. After these three there is a dramatic dropoff to Nance and Sexton at 12.7 and 12.3. Bringing up the rear are Cedi at 9.9, Porter at 4.8, Garland at 3.4, and Delly at 2.6.

    The two rookies are struggling, which is to be expected since they're both 19 with very little college experience. I was hoping for more from Nance and Sexton, although Collin has been scoring pretty well and seems to be playing with intensity and effort on defense. Cedi doesn't bring much in terms of rebounding and defense and he's averaging 9.9 points in 30 minutes.

    The scary thing is that Clarkson and Thompson will probably be traded at some point this season. Henson, too.

  • PROSECUTOR said... (original post) The Celtics have won four in a row after an opening night loss to the Sixers. But two of those wins were against the Knicks and one at home agai...

    I'm bigger on +/- and net +/- than PER, personally, and according to that stat Cedi, Tristan, Delly, and Kevin are far and away our most important players (so far).

    I haven't heard if Delly will play, but even with his thumb issues, he's made a difference running the offense.

    Also, just waiting for the day Garland ignites. I'm guessing he's still playing his way in to game shape and isn't getting his legs in to his jumpers, but should start to find the range at some point. Knight is improving and starting to find the range, so, he could potentially give us a big game. Unfortunately, we'll be without Porter Jr in this one (unless he appeals) because he bumped a ref out of frustration with a no-call in the last game and got slapped with a 1 game suspension.

    In terms of offensive efficiency (TS%), Clarkson does deserve a mention. He's been scoring very efficiently. Kevin leads the team, Cedi is doing well, and Tristan is ok. The rest of the guys aren't getting the job done so far. Delly probably shouldn't even shoot until his thumb heals, and Nance is pretty meh for a big - just isn't getting the job done beyond 3ft from the rim.

    I'll say one thing ... we're not taking very many long 2's as a team. We had 4 guys who shot long 2's 20% or more of the time last year - compare that to this year where nobody has shot a long two more than 6.8% of the time. Collin alone has dropped from 20.9% to 5.5% and Cedi has gone from 7.5% to 0 - so clearly a point of emphasis.

  • Clarkson goes off tonight with the xtra minutes while Porter sits.

    Garland can’t catch his breath in his limited minutes JB is on it though and pulls him quick when he’s sucking wind. 2020 for him to make a difference.

    TT gets his against a much smaller front line than the Mavs giants.

    Cedi is overmatched nightly in this league at the crucial 3. Bigger stronger faster.

    This feels like an upset in the making to me. We match up ok Stop Kemba from scoring 30. Go Cavs.

  • This game could get ugly REEEEEAL quick

  • Good game. Cedi sucks.

  • buckoff10 said... (original post) Good game. Cedi sucks.

    I wouldn't say he sucks, but he is what he is. He wouldn't be a starter on a good team as he does little but score, but we don't have a lot of options.

    It was a strange game. Looking at the stats you would think it was a blowout, with the Celts shooting 56% and us around 40. It was a 12 point game with 3 minutes left and then a 9-0 run gave us a chance to tie, but a put back by Hayward and a ridiculous turnover on the inbound ended it. The Celts had an incredible amount of layups, with Haywood going 17-20 from the field (16-16 inside of 3) and I'll guess at least 12 of those were layups. I don't think anyone on the Cavs has ever seen a pick and roll before this game since they had no clue how to defend it. The Celts also blocked 12 shots, some due to their athleticism but some were just idiotic shots by the Cavs.

  • He is what he is is fine with me. He doesn’t do anything very well.

    Sexton is a bulldog.

    Garland is such a liability on D. TT was pissed at him all night.

    Good game. Well coached team. Just not very talented.

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  • Good effort against a quality team as the Cavs were 3 points down with under a minute to play. Love missed a wide open 3-pointer to tie and on the next possession threw up an air ball trying for a bank shot. Then he threw away the inbounds pass after the Hayward put-back. It was uncharacteristic to see him come apart like that.

    Hayward was ridiculous. He got to the rim with ease and either made a layup, a floater, or if we managed to stay in front of him he hit the brakes and put up a 10' fallaway with no one contesting the shot. It was easy buckets all night. He ended up 17-for-20 for 39 points and threw in 7 rebounds and 8 assists. He came up huge in the final minute after Walker's missed 3-pointer when he snuck in for the offensive rebound and put-back.

    Finally Beilein adjusted and put TT on Hayward late in the 4th with some success, but the damage was done.

    Kemba Walker scored 25 and was 6-for-8 on 3's. Just couldn't stop him. He also got 8 rebounds despite being only 6'0".

    The Celtics shot an outstanding 56.5% thanks mainly to Walker and Haywood, who toyed with the Cavs' defense. Edwards came off the bench to knock down 5-of-6 and scored 13 points in 15 minutes. He also blocked a shot despite being listed as 5'11". In fact, the Celtics had an amazing 12 blocked shots despite not having anyone taller than 6'8". They are an excellent defensive team in my opinion and the Cavs did well to score 113 on them.

    TT had an outstanding game with a line of 19/13/4 and he led the charge at the end of the game that got the Cavs to within 3 points. Nance hit all three of his 3-point attempts and scored 15 points in 15 minutes. You don't see him do that much, if at all.

    Garland is clearly in over his head. He went 2-for-11 with 4 points and 1 assist in 28 minutes. He has a tendency to dribble into the paint and pick up his dribble when he doesn't have a lob pass or a shot. Then he has no chance. His vaunted 3-point shot is non-existant. The best thing he can do is stand in the corner and hope to draw his man over and open up the floor for his teammates. You wonder how long he'll continue to get 28 minutes, but the Cavs invested a high pick and they feel the only way to learn is to play.

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  • You have to remember something about Garland....the kid played what...5 college games? This pro game is new to him. He'll learn and grow into it. PLUS the PG position is THE most difficult position to learn in the NBA. Give the kid time....that's what this "lottery year" is for. To let the young kids learn and grow.

  • blkmagic00 said... (original post) You have to remember something about Garland....the kid played what...5 college games? This pro game is new to him. He'll learn and grow in...

    Agree, but I'd still like to see him at least knock down some open 3's and start figuring out that he can't pick up his dribble in the paint. Either pass, put up a floater, or dribble out of there. He looked so good in the exhibition games against guys that maybe won't be playing that much in the regular season that I probably expected too much too early.

    There was some good stuff in's game analysis. In the first half the Cavs had 7 assists on 19 made baskets. Not much ball movement. In the second half it was 15 assists on 21 buckets - a gigantic improvement. As a result they scored a whopping 61 points in the second half against 52 in the first. They outscored the Celtics by 3 in the second half.

    What impressed me is that coming into this game the Celtics ranked 5th in scoring defense at 103.0 ppg. They are a top-five defense and the Cavs put up 113 against them and that's without really moving the ball much in the first half. Imagine what they'll be able to do once they learn to move the ball more and Garland gets acclimated to the pro game, plus getting Windler and Henson back.

    “There’s just got to be…is it willingness, I can’t measure that. But I think the word would be an awareness that somebody is more open than I am, and then if I just pass it to them maybe there is a close out and we can drive or there is another guy open, as we say, the hockey assist,” Beilein said. “We’re trying to get an understanding of that, but we really don’t understand it the way we will."

    "[The Celtics] really, really share the ball, it’s infectious, that ball has energy,” [Kevin] Love said. “They want to make the play for the next guy, they play for each other, they celebrate each other. Eventually we’re going to get there. We like playing together, we want to grow. That’s why we’ve kept ourselves in games, we’ve been right there in the fourth quarter, now with a young team you have to learn how to win."

    And this from Brad Stevens...

    “They’re good. I wouldn't be able to gauge a lot of other teams because we didn't play them in the preseason but I can't imagine a more improved team in a month. Excellent coaching. Excellent playing. All the good stuff. They're playing hard. They're playing together. Making it really hard to guard. They do downhill at your chest. It makes it tough. Hats off to Cleveland."

  • Beilein's post-game touched on everything including his own bewilderment with how we were in the game all the way to the end in spite of the Celtics scoring almost at will while we struggled. He mentioned Garland passed up some 3pt opportunities he would have preferred he take and that they are investing these minutes in to his development. He praised Clarkson again and said he's been solid making decisions with the ball in his hands.

    I will say, Clarkson lack of passing may very well have more to do with how we used him under Lue/Drew then what he's capable of as he played PG at times for the Lakers. I mean, of course, all things relative to our other PGs.