Brooklyn Nets @ Cleveland Cavaliers-11-25-19-GAME THREAD

Brooklyn Nets @ Cleveland Cavaliers-11-25-19-GAME THREAD

  • Should be interesting.

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  • Could be a tough game based on the preview. The Nets have won 4 of their last 5. Kyrie is out but they're 4-1 when he doesn't play, which means they're 4-7 when he does.

    Spencer Dinwiddie is averaging 25 ppg over his last five games. He put 30 on the Knicks last night in a 103-101 win.

    OTOH, the Nets are playing the second game of a back-to-back. They're on the road and the Cavs had a day off. The Nets are playing their 3rd game in four days and 4th game in six days. They should be worn out. Their bench only scored 16 points last night. It seems they're heavily dependent on their starters. Dinwiddie took 17 shots last night and shot 14 free throws, so he actually took 24 shots.

    The Nets lead the league in points per game on drives, so the Cavs could have problems since they have no rim protectors. They need to keep switching and keep their man in front of them and out of the paint as much as possible. Try to make Dinwiddie work for his shots and hopefully he'll wear down as the game goes along. The Nets were outscored 29-21 by the Knicks in the fourth quarter last night but hung on to win by 2.

    Dinwiddie is a 6'5", 215 pound point guard so he'll be a load for our small guards to handle. He's only shooting 29% on 3's so he's more like a Jordan Clarkson type who will try to penetrate and get layups and draw fouls. Beilein needs a strategy to make him work hard and keep him from getting to the rim.

    Their other guard, former Cav Joe Harris, is shooting 44.2% on 3's so they need to make sure he doesn't get going. They can't let him dribble around a screen for an open look. He's listed at 6'6", 220, so Sexton and Garland will have a huge size disadvantage tonight. I expect both Dinwiddie and Harris will try to muscle their way to the rim. Lots of middle pick-and-rolls.

    This should be a tough one especially since Love is questionable, but if the Cavs bring their A game and play an uptempo game with a lot of ball movement and intensity they can take advantage of the Nets being on the road and playing their third game in four nights as well as having played in NY last night. The Cavs should have the advantage once the benches get involved as well. Iman Shumpert is now with the Nets, by the way.

    The Nets have two big centers in Jarrett Allen and DeAndre Jordan, so that will be a challenge for TT and Zizic.

  • If you like stats, the Nets are 6th in points in the paint. They're 19th in offensive efficiency, so obviously they do better when they get into the paint. Dinwiddie is a big, strong guard who muscles his way to the rim, bumping his defender out of the way.

    The Nets take a lot of 3's, shooting from deep 41% of the time, 8th highest in the NBA. But they're only 23rd in 3-point percentage. They should take fewer 3's and go inside more. They're about average in turnovers and effective FG%. They rank 5th in possessions per game, so they play at a high tempo. The Cavs are 26th. I'm wondering if Beilein will want to slow the game down tonight to fit the Cavs' tempo and take the Nets out of their running game, or whether he'll want to run to try and wear the Nets down since they're playing their 4th game in six days.

    Statistically the Nets are average defensively. They're a little below average in offensive efficiency (points per possession) but 10th in scoring because they take a lot of shots.

  • PROSECUTOR said... (original post) Could be a tough game based on the preview. The Nets have won 4 of their last 5. Kyrie is out but they're 4-1 when he doesn&#...

    In other words “a Cavs loss”

  • 108-106 loss.....Cavs lost defensive concentration on that last Net possession.

  • Tough loss in a tight game but give credit to the Cavs for battling back and going on a 9-0 run to make it close at the end. Jarrett Allen, age 21, was the difference with 22 points and 21 rebounds, including 9 on the offensive glass. TT was forced to switch off and contest layups leaving Allen to follow the missed shot for easy put-backs. Allen also had three blocks and forced numerous rushed or missed shots.

    In the end it came down to the Nets being better than the Cavs at inbounding the ball and getting off a good shot. Spencer Dinwiddie, just named the EC Player of the Week, calmly knocked down the game winner. A few seconds earlier Allen blocked a Clarkson layup attempt that would have given the Cavs the lead.

    This game was very close throughout. Maybe the next three times they play we'll see Love for the Cavs and Kyrie for the Nets.

    Kevin Porter Jr continues to impress. Tonight he had a team leading 7 assists in 29 minutes off the bench. I was very impressed with his passing ability. He's more than just a slasher. He also grabbed five rebounds and had two steals. He gets off the ground extremely fast and has a tremendous vertical.

    Cedi had a nice game going 6-for-8 from the field and playing good defense, although he got picked off by Allen on Dinwiddie's game winning shot. I thought TT should have stepped out to contest that 17' jumper.

    Garland went 3-for-5 from 3-point range and continues to grow in confidence on that shot. However, he committed five turnovers in 22 minutes which contributed to the loss.

    Next year I can see the Nets being a powerhouse team with a lineup of Kyrie, Joe Harris, Durant, Dinwiddie, and Allen with Prince as the 6th man. How is anybody going to stop them from scoring when you have Kyrie, Durant, and Dinwiddie on the floor together with Harris spotting up for 3's and Allen crashing the offensive glass?

  • PROSECUTOR said... (original post) In the end it came down to the Nets being better than the Cavs at inbounding the ball and getting off a good shot. Spencer Dinwiddie, just named ...

    I blame the Cavs final possession more than the defensive lapse. First they won a review, it was a strange game in that there were 4 or 5 reviews in the final 2 minutes and the Cavs won every single one, so they had 14 seconds to shoot with 20 left on the clock, and got nothing going, with Clarkson finally putting up a floater (not a layup) that Allen easily rejected. They still had 2.5 seconds to inbound and get off a shot, but could get nothing but a deep pass to Sexson that he caught 30 feet from the hoop going the wrong way. He could do nothing but put up a long prayer that was rejected right to another Net, and the Cavs caught a break when the shot clock went off or the Nets would have had a 3 or 4 on 1 break to end the game.

    Another blunder by the Cavs was that they ran out of timeouts. After the Nets scored with 1.5 seconds left the Cavs were unable to advance the ball with a timeout so the game was basically over. With a timeout 1.5 seconds is plenty of time to get off a decent shot, Clarson had just hit a 3 off an inbounds a minute earlier. That just can't happen.

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