Cleveland Cavaliers @ Dallas Mavericks-11-22-19-GAME THREAD

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Dallas Mavericks-11-22-19-GAME THREAD

  • The only word I can think of is brutal.

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  • Brutal is about right. From the game preview:

    "On Wednesday night, Doncic scored 35 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists in only 25 minutes, making him the first player to record a 35-point triple-double in under 29 minutes. … Doncic, the 2018-19 Rookie of the Year, ranks fourth in scoring, 11th in rebounding and second in assists among all players in the NBA. … During Wednesday’s win against the Warriors, the Mavericks tied a franchise record with 22 3-pointers."

    I wouldn't be surprised if they beat that franchise record for 3-pointers tonight. They were 20-for-41 when these teams played here.

    The only good thing about this game is that it's the last time we'll see the Mavericks and get our butts kicked by Doncic (the reincarnation of Larry Bird) this year.

    How long is JB going to stick with Garland in the starting lineup? The Cavs have been getting blown out in the first quarter lately. I'd start Clarkson and Delly. That duo started the second half against the Heat last game and did much better than Sexton and Garland. The Cavs won the 3rd quarter 29-24.

    Mainly what I'm looking for tonight is consistent hard effort on defense and consistent ball movement on offense.

    In the first meeting in Cleveland the Mavericks won by 20 and scored 131 points, the most allowed by the Cavs in any game this year. The Mavericks' scored 73 in the second half and their bench scored 48. It was a massive beatdown. Delly was on personal leave. Sexton and Garland were -18 and -11, respectively and Nance was an amazing -33 in 27 minutes off the bench. Those guys have to play better this time around. Love got 29 points and it would be great if he had another game like that, but I'm sure the Mavs have other ideas. I'm expecting him to get doubled when he has the ball. He needs to pass out of it and then the ball needs to be whipped around until it finds an open shooter.

    I'd like to see Beilein put Thompson on Doncic. I think Cedi was on him last game. They could also try Nance on him. Make sure he's always guarded by somebody with length who can move his feet.

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  • They keep up their streak of being blown off the court by halftime. They were up 2 in the final 2 minutes of the first, yet trailed by 24 by the half and over 30 here in the 3rd. Mavs moving the ball and getting pretty whatever they want.

    BTW, the execs who passed on Doncic should be banished from the league. The Hawks got a very good player in Young, but that trade may go down as an all time blunder.

  • 111 points for Dallas thru 3 quarters.

    Man, after being so competitive early they have had their doors blown off the last 4 or 5 games.

    Down 40

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  • I hit the DVR button before I left the house this morning because I had a late meeting but then I heard the final score on ESPN Radio and I immediately hit the delete button as soon as I walked in the house! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF happened tonight????????????

  • blkmagic00 said... (original post) WTF happened tonight????????????

    Pretty much the same thing that's happened the last 5 games. The Mavs did whatever they wanted to on offense, it became either layups or passes for wide open 3's. In the first half we did the same thing we've done all year on offense, play one on one and don't move the ball. They actually began moving the ball and getting some assists in the 2nd half, but that was mostly garbage time so who knows if it will carry over. They got decent games from Cedi and Garland, but not much from anyone else. The next few games will be interesting. These upcoming home games are against teams they should have a shot against, we'll see if the past 5 blowouts have crushed the team's psyche or if they can move forward.

  • dms1964 said... (original post) Pretty much the same thing that's happened the last 5 games. The Mavs did whatever they wanted to on offense, it became either layups or passe...

    The Cavs got off to a good start, leading 26-24, but then the Mavs went on a 15-0 run and that was it. Beilein summed it up....

    “We were completely outmanned today as far as anything we could do defensively,” Beilein said. “Was it our best effort? Probably not, but it wasn’t like we were lazy out there. They made some incredible shots. And that just takes the wind out of you when you defend for 22 seconds and somebody hits a 3 when you’re all over them. Dallas was so good tonight, just as we found out back in Cleveland as well. They are really a tough matchup. They spread us out and they can really shoot.”

    I agree, they hit some amazing shots, but they also had tons of uncontested dunks and layups and too many uncontested 3's. It got to the point in the second half where it seemed like every time the Cavs missed a shot the Mavericks got the rebound and within five seconds had a layup or a wide open three.

    The Mavericks were too tall, too physical, too skilled, and too good from long range, shooting an amazing 54% on 3's. The Cavs in some instances had Sexton guarding Doncic, who is at least 5" taller. Sexton stayed in front of him but Doncic would just take a step back and launch a three, which Sexton had no chance of blocking. It went in almost every time. Porzingus was shooting 3's with a defender right on top of him, but when you're 7'3" the defender is irrelevant.

    I'm concerned about Kevin Love, who appeared very old and very slow. In his 25 minutes on the floor the Cavs were outscored by 34 points - by far the worst on the team. He was 2-for-8 from the field. Tall, athletic teams give him a lot of trouble. He also appeared to injure his back after a hard foul and immediately left the game.

    The silver lining was the offensive play of Darius Garland, who knocked down five triples in eight tries and dished out four assists with only two turnovers in 34 minutes. Maybe he finally turned the corner and is learning how to get his three-pointer off and will start hitting it more consistently. He was below 30% coming in. He also got to the rim for a couple of layups and finished with 23 points. He showed some flashes of what he could become.

    Cedi had a very nice game with 18/4/3 in 26 minutes. However, he has these kind of games occasionally only to disappear for the next 3-4 games. I'd like to see him play like this night after night.

    I have no idea what the Cavs are doing in their defense against the pick-and-roll. The player defending the ball gets run into the screen. He bounces off it and follows his man around the screen, ending up on his back as the opponent dribbles down the lane with the Cavs' big defender backpedaling to be in position to defend the lob. It's a 2-on-1 since the Cavalier defending the ball is BEHIND the ball. The dribbler has the option of pulling up for a short jump shot or floater, or he can lob to the big man for the dunk depending on what the Cavs' big man does. Opponents run the play all night long resulting in one easy bucket after another.

    I don't understand the point of following your man around the screen and following him down the lane. You can't play defense from behind and you can't expect your teammate to switch off, leaving his man wide open for the lob. How is this supposed to stop the opponent from getting either a lob/dunk or an 8-foot floater or jump shot right in front of the rim?

    When the Cavs run this play it usually works, too, so it's not the execution. Even a shorter, athletically challenged player like Delly dribbles around the screen and puts in easy floaters because the big is backpedaling to defend the lob to TT or Nance.

    The way to defend this play is to have your big show hard and stop the dribbler from coming around the screen, then fall back to defend the lob as soon as the dribbler stops. The other option is to "blitz" the ball and have both defenders trap hard, forcing the dribbler to pass out of a double team and hopefully one of the defenders deflects the pass, resulting in a turnover. It won't work every time, but if executed properly it's better than having your guard trail his man around the pick and follow him down the lane and possibly get called for a foul if the dribbler slams on the brakes.

    Nance and sometimes Thompson do a decent job of stepping out and preventing the dribbler from curling around the screen and dribbling down the lane with the defender behind him and a teammate rolling to the rim for a lob. Come on, Beilein. How many easy buckets does this team have to allow on the same play before you try something else?

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