Cleveland Cavaliers @ Milwaukee Bucks-10-28-19-GAME THREAD

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Milwaukee Bucks-10-28-19-GAME THREAD

  • This will be a good test for these Cavs. Milwaukee is looking to make some noise this year and they have the horses to do it.

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  • The Bucks are coming off a 131-126 OT loss at home to the Heat. The Bucks only got five offensive rebounds in 53 minutes so if the Cavs can make them miss the first shot they'll be in good shape.

    The two teams combined to shoot 98 3-point shots. The Bucks were 17-for-54 so the Cavs need to be ready to defend the 3-point line. They only took 40 2-point shots so they put up a 3-pointer over 57% of the time.

    TT needs to be ready to bang since the Bucks have the Lopez brothers. One starts and one comes off the bench. With Zizic and Henson injured, TT won't have any help. Love or Nance are going to have to play some 5 and try to guard the Lopez brothers. I don't know who we're putting on Giannis but it better not be Cedi. The Freak had 29 points, 17 boards, 9 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks against Miami. It wasn't his fault they lost.

    Former Cav George Hill is the backup point guard. They were -18 with him on the floor against Miami. George was +16 in the Bucks opening win over Houston, however. Giannis went off for 30/13/11 in that one.

    I don't think we're ready to compete with these guys just yet.

  • From the game preview:

    "Antetokounmpo is the first player in NBA history to tally at least 50 points, 30 rebounds and 20 assists in the first two games of a season."

    Wow. Wilt never did it (not enough assists), nor Jordan, nor even LeBron. Just an amazing player. And to think the Cavs took Anthony Bennett with the first overall pick while Giannis fell to #15. Heck, Cody Zeller, Nerlens Noel, and Kelly Olynk, among others, were drafted ahead of him. Imagine if we could get a do-over on that draft.

    I'm thinking the NBA needs to put more emphasis on drafting extremely gifted players from Africa. Pascal Siakam was the 27th pick in his draft. There's no substiture for raw talent and work ethic fueled by a need to succeed. Olajuwon, Mutombo, Embiid, Oladipo, Ibaka, and Iguodala are other African players who achieved success. To be fair, most of them were drafted really high. But the Cavs should start looking for raw but gifted African players because drafting players with limited physical abilities isn't going to cut it. If we're still flush with second round picks we should be looking for African players in the Euro league.

    To be fair we did take Christian Eyenga with the 30th pick in 2009 and he didn't work out.

  • Bucks were too tall, too experienced, and too good at shooting 3's. They also had Giannis, who found a lot of wide open shooters when the Cavs doubled him. The Bucks shot 52.2% from the field and 44.7% on 3's (17-for-38). They've been averaging 50 3-pointers per game so I suppose holding them to 38 attempts counts for something.

    The Cavs were actually down by only five points in the 4th quarter with 9:05 to go, but then collapsed completely as the Bucks went on a 28-12 run over the next 6:15. When the Cavs were threatening to make a game of it the Bucks got serious and put them away under a hail of 3-pointers and layups.

    The Bucks had excellent balance with all five starters scoring between 14-21 points and two more off the bench with 17 and 19. Backup guard Pat Connaughton, averaging 5.0 ppg in the first two games, scored 17 points with 4 assists in 21 minutes. His career average is 4.6 ppg. Connaugton and Kyle Korver combined to shoot 7-for-8 on 3's and that was the difference in my opinion.

    The Cavs had a good offensive game with 112 points and only 11 turnovers, but defensively they had no answer for the Bucks' height advantage, experience, and deadly 3-point shooting. No shame in this loss - the Bucks might be the best team in the East this year and the game was on the road early in the season. There was a lot to like offensively, but the Bucks did pretty much whatever they wanted against the Cav's defense. Sexton was getting blown by a lot. Cedi's defense is much improved over last year. But just like in game 1 he got off to a good start and then disappeared. He had 8 points in the first quarter and 2 the rest of the game.

    Clarkson had a great game off the bench with 17 points and 4 assists in 25 minutes. Larry Nance Jr had 15 pts, 8 boards, and 2 blocks in 25 minutes, including a buzzer-beating 3-pointer. TT had 17 and 13 with 4 assists and no turnovers - another very good game while banging with the Lopez boys. Kevin Porter Jr was only 1-for-7 and is shooting 25% after three games.

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  • Porter's shot looks flat and he definitely needs to step away from the jump shots and start attacking the rim more. All he's doing right now is moving around to spot up for Js......

  • blkmagic00 said... (original post) Porter's shot looks flat and he definitely needs to step away from the jump shots and start attacking the rim more. All he's doing rig...

    He also got called for a couple of charges in the last game. He's definitely on a learning curve. What impresses me, though, is his willingness to take it to the rim against bigger players and muscle the shot up. He's definitely not afraid of contact and looks to drive. At 6'4" he's listed at 216 pounds which surprised me - he doesn't look it. If he can develop a reliable outside shot he could be good. He's a slasher more than a shooter right now. I can see him drawing a lot of shooting fouls on drives to the rim in time.

    At this point he's no NBA player. He's shooting 21.1% from the field and is 0-for-6 on 3's. His PER is actually in the negative. It's only three games, however. Beilein is giving him 18 minutes a game, which is surprising since he's obviously not NBA ready. Once Windler is back I won't be surprised if those minutes decrease. In the meantime he's getting good experience.

    I think he could learn a lot by watching how Clarkson finishes at the rim against taller defenders. Jordan is extremely good at creating just enough space to get his shot off and using the glass when necessary. If Porter can develop an outside shot and appropriate some of Clarkson's moves in the paint he could be an offensive weapon because he's already more physical.

  • I like to see a commitment to giving the rooks minute, and Porter's been asked to focus on his defense, so they're probably looking at that primarily and whether he's at least taking good shots on offense.