Cleveland Cavaliers @ Philadelphia 76ers 12-7-19 Game Thread

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Philadelphia 76ers 12-7-19 Game Thread

  • Cavs are 0-2 against the Sixers and have to play them on the second night of a back-to-back on the road, probably without Kevin Love. The Cavs lost by a point in the first meeting in Philly but Al Horford was resting. A few nights later with Horford back the Sixers got out to a 68-44 halftime lead and the game was over.

    Joel Embiid will not play tonight; he has a bruised hip. Josh Richardson is also out with a hammy problem. Those two are combining for 39 points and 16 boards per game so this might help the Cavs keep it competitive into the second half if they play with focus and intensity. The Sixers are 2-2 when Embiid doesn't play. Simmons, Horford, and Harris will be tough to handle, though. It will be up to the Sixers bench to step up and fill in for Embiid and Richardson.

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  • A telling stat for this team and why they struggle on offense......not one player on this roster creates opportunities for others! No one on this team averages 3 assists a game. The closet is Garland at 2.8. THAT IS RIDICULOUS

  • GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD LORD.....this an ugly game!!!! No defensive resistance at all by the Cavs (77 points at halftime). And the second half is no better.

    Start the process of the fire sale.....TT, Love, Cedi, Clarkson, Ante, Henson etc. Koby needs to get whatever assets he can and start really reworking this roster through the draft and build up that cap space to bring in a true "prime time" player (that we WILL have to overpay for) to grow with these young kids. And actually they need to move either Sexton or Garland.....that back court combination is NOT working. We need a TRUE PG on this team that looks to create for others.

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  • Beilein didn't seem too upset.

    "Sort of a perfect storm (tonight). They’re probably the tallest team in the league, we’re playing on (no) rest, a few guys are sick and they are a tremendous team...They’re just bigger, stronger and more veteran at many, many of the positions.”

    The Sixers went through what the Cavs are going through. Four years ago they were 10-72. The next three years they won 28, 52, and 51. They're well on their way to another 50+ win season.

    Yep, bigger and stronger. The Cavs look so small compared to almost every team they play. Their starting guards are tiny and none of their starters on the front line are over 6'9". They're small and inexperienced outside of Love and Thompson. Garland and Porter barely played in college.

    I believe the first half was the worst half of baskeball in franchise history. The Cavs never lost a half by 41 points before, not even the expansion team of 1970. Conversely, the Sixers original franchise goes back to 1949 and they've never outscored an opponent by 41 in a single half. Epic failure. I get it was the second night of a back-to-back and I believe that guys were sick. They sure played like they were. But that was a performance that should never be repeated.

    Obviously the focal point when making trades and drafting over the next couple of years is to add size and rim protection. The Sixers were getting dunks and layups almost at will. They used their size and length to bull their way to the rim and finish over smaller defenders. Watching Simmons easily shoulder Garland aside for layup after layup was frustrating. There's no way a 6'1" teenager should be guarding a guy like that, but that's the way our team is structured at this point.

    Yeah, I don't know if a Sexton/Garland combination can ever work, regardless of what they're doing with two smaller scoring guards in Portland.

  • blkmagic00 said... (original post) GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD LORD.....this an ugly game!!!! No defensive resistance at all by the Cavs (77 points at halftime). And the second half is ...

    Ugly is being kind. Wow.