Cleveland Cavaliers @ Philadelphia 76ers-11-12-19-GAME THREAD

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Philadelphia 76ers-11-12-19-GAME THREAD

  • Philly is a tough team. This will be a good test for the Cavs.

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  • Ben Simmons questionable with a bum shoulder.

    Not related but Gordon Hayward is out six week with a hand injury.

  • They lost three in a row out west but are 3-0 at home with wins over Boston by 14, Minnesota by 22, and Charlotte by 8. Simmons missed the Charlotte game. He's listed as questionable for tonight. Al Horford will be rested. So they'll be down two starters with a combined average of 31 points, 13 rebounds, and 11 assists.

    This might be a good game. Kevin Love could have a great game with Horford out. Thompson versus Embiid will be a great matchup to watch. Simmons is a 6'10", 240 pound point guard who would be a huge matchup problem with our small guards, so if he's out that really helps. If the Cavs are ever going to steal a win in Philly this might be the time.

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  • Something to watch for in our offense, but our guards have been setting screens to free up our bigs. Not a lot, but it's in there and has been working nicely.

  • WTF, TT??????????????????? What the hell were you thinking???? I thought we got rid of JR "brain farts"

  • Cavs are legit. Better come to play or you’ll get beat. Going to be a fun winter.

  • I love the way JB has them playing hard and moving the ball.......even in a loss (and I hate losing) I enjoyed watching the game.

  • Love needs to can that open look but other than that I enjoyed that game immensely.

  • Yep, this was our chance to steal a win in Philly thanks to Horford resting plus the Sixers having an awful shooting game from deep. They were 8-for-38 on 3's. But the Cavs choked at the end and came up a point short.

    Thompson lost his matchup with Embiid but no shame there. Embiid is a monster; 27 points, 16 boards, 4 assists, and a 2 blocks. He was 3-for-5 from deep and he made the winning basket.

    Ben Simmons was questionable but played 35 minutes with a line of 15/5/6 with 2 steals and 2 blocks. He does a little of everything.

    Too bad Love missed that open 3 at the end but it shouldn't have come down to that shot. The Cavs choked in the last two minutes, giving up two offensive rebounds on the same possession that led to a basket, a jump ball off a defensive board, and committed two turnovers, all in the last 2:28 as they blew a 5-point lead.

    Sexton dribbled into heavy traffic and turned it over and Clarkson dribbled too long and ended up with a shot clock violation. They also screwed up an inbounds pass that resulted in TT dribbling around in the backcourt until launching a wild 3-pointer as the shot clock expired.

    In the end it was a respectable loss and a good experience in playing late and close games on the road.

    Sexton and Clarkson had good games offensively. The Cavs limited the Sixers to 98 points, but part of that was just bad 3-point shooting. Tobias Harris was 0-for-11 from downtown. The Sixers came in averaging 111.0 ppg so the Cavs held them to 13 points under their average, the third consecutive game the Cavs have held their opponent to 13 or more below average.

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  • I live in DC and pay $200 a year to get NBA ticket to watch the Cavs and it wasn't on PPV. I have no idea why, but it is none of your problems. I can only say that I get it. It is November. But it is wonderful to have hope that we are going to be in every game. I believe in Beilein. I get it .. past performance has no influence on the future. But isn't there something to be said for a coach who has won at every single level? And at 66 has nothing to lose? I think especially with Dan laid up that the whole org is trying to win every game, hard, and worrying about next year next year. Proud to be a fan.

  • The coaching on this team has improved 100% from last season but I have no clue why they went with what they did on the last possession. Why set up for a 3 pointer with Love who is a middling shooter at this point in his career, down 1 with 10 seconds the play has to be drive and get to the hoop or dish. Still it was the type of game we often played when we had LBJ in reverse, back then we'd trail the whole 4th then he'd dominate the last couple minutes to eek out a win, now we have no go to guy in the final minutes, so every late possession becomes a scramble drill.

  • ANGDawg said... (original post) I live in DC and pay $200 a year to get NBA ticket to watch the Cavs and it wasn't on PPV. I have no idea why, but it is none of your problems...

    The game was on NBA TV so it was blacked out on NBA Season Pass.

    I also live out of state and get the Season Pass on DTV. By they way, $200 to watch 78 or so Cavs games (a few of them are on NBA TV) is a pretty good deal - about $2.50 per game. Best value in sports viewing in my opinion.

  • dms1964 said... (original post) The coaching on this team has improved 100% from last season but I have no clue why they went with what they did on the last possession. Why set up ...

    Beilein said the plan was to get a double team on the ball (which happened) and then pass it to whoever was open. He mentioned Cedi as well as Love. Having Love take an uncontested three-pointer with time for an offensive rebound if necessary was a pretty good result. We don't have an Embiid who can just power it to the rim and dunk.

    My gripe is that neither Love or Clarkson followed the shot. They both drifted backwards from the 3-point line after the shot was released. The ball hit the back rim and rebounded beyond the free throw line. Either Love or Clarkson would have had an uncontested rebound if they simply followed the shot. There was no need to get back on defense - the Sixers had the lead and would have held the ball if they got the rebound. If fact we would have had to foul them immediately. Even if they make both free throws we get the ball with five seconds to go and down three points.

    But Love actually backpedaled after releasing the shot. He said he thought it was in. Clarkson drifted back a step or two, just watching and hoping. If Clarkson follows the shot he gets the rebound at the foul line with 4-5 seconds left and a chance to hit a floater in the lane or take it to the rim and get fouled. Same for Love. I was flabbergasted. I thought every high school player knows that when you're down by a point and shooting with a few seconds on the clock everybody needs to crash the offensive glass. If the opponent gets the rebound, foul immediately. For NBA veterans to be backpedaling in that situation and becoming spectators with the game on the line is inexcusable. I hope Beilein makes a big point of that. Also, everybody should have been reminding each other before the inbound to crash the glass.

    This game should have been won even after the Love missed shot.

    From the Athletic column:

    "The Cavs did not score in the final 3:34 of the game, which they headed into with a five-point lead. They took three shots in that time span, but none of them fell. They also turned the ball over twice. The offense became stagnant, and in that time, the 76ers made up the difference to claim the win.

    “We weren’t sharing the ball, we wasn’t playing sets that were working in the first half as well as the third quarter,” Collin Sexton said. “So, we just have to go back to our money plays and make sure we get those shots.”

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  • It’s just nice to know at this point that every game will be watchable and probably competitive.

    That doesn’t mean we won’t have some growing pains that result in a loss.

    The higher ups better not sleep on us and our peers at the bottom will need their A game to win. That’s my take from the first month. Green arrows up.

    Hit the shot Kevin. My guess is you’ll get a handful more of those before this year is over.

  • ANGDawg said... (original post) I live in DC and pay $200 a year to get NBA ticket to watch the Cavs and it wasn't on PPV. I have no idea why, but it is none of your problems...

    That 76'ers game was moved to "viewers choice" and aired on NBATV. Fortunately, I get that as part of my FIOS package, but they want you to pay $7/mon to subscribe to that if you're broadband-only.

    I think there's something to be said for hiring a coach that wants to teach and having players receptive to learning. We've seen plenty of Lion tamer coaches in the past who snapped their whip to get the effort level up - and the team looks better for a spell, but ultimately it's unsustainable.

    We're seeing something else here ... and I think we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg as the players continue to learn these systems, build chemistry, and learn how to deal with different situations - including closing games ALL while playing 3 different rookies major minutes.

    Heck, when was the last time Kevin Love even had a game winning shot attempt?

    A quick search shows he missed a game winning tip-in back in 2015, and made a game winning 3pter with the TWolves in 2012.

    We can even enjoy a loss these days - not because it improves our lottery odds - but because you can see the guys figuring stuff out.

  • dms1964 said... (original post) The coaching on this team has improved 100% from last season but I have no clue why they went with what they did on the last possession. Why set up ...

    Beilein said they had a number of options on the play, but IMO, Philly had really ratcheted up their defensive intensity and driving would had been tough and getting a foul call unlikely. We sure didn't get a whistle on the scramble after the shot for instance. Kevin got a really nice look. It didn't have to be a 3. He could have even taken a step-in if he wanted to, but it was pretty darn good compared to say Clarkson or Sexton trying to force up a shot in the paint .vs. a lot of defenders.

    LeBron surely knew how to close games if not bury a game winner like that ... it's something this group has to learn and Kevin hasn't been in that position as "the man" in a long time.