Come On, Altman....Do Love a solid

Come On, Altman....Do Love a solid

  • Trade him to a contender. He has proven his loyalty to this organization. I'm watching this team every night and we suck and by the time we are ready to contend he'll be on his very last leg.

    Let the guy finish his career with a contender. I know he has said he wants to be here.....but read between the lines.....he just doesn't want to be another JR complaining about the team's direction. He wants to say the right things. But he also wants to win. The guy helped bring a title to this organization so it's time to repay him.....get him out of "purgatory".

    DO THE RIGHT THING, CAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Unlike us, Altman shouldn't have to read between the lines. Kevin doesn't have to say "the right things" to him.

  • He could be a difference maker for somebody and for that reason I wouldn’t give him away.

    Look at the assets OKC got for Westbrook. Now I know Love isn’t that but he is an allstar with some nice tools.