Miami Heat @ Cleveland Cavaliers-11-14-19-GAME THREAD

Miami Heat @ Cleveland Cavaliers-11-14-19-GAME THREAD

  • The Cavs return home to take on the Heat. Downtown will be packed with the Browns also at home taking on the Steelers.

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  • The Heat are 4-0 at home, 3-3 on the road. They're a good team, but so far just average on the road.

    Justice Winslow is out. He's averaging 13.8/8.0/4.8, so that's good for the Cavs. Dion Waiters is suspended and Goran Dragic is questionable due to illness. He's averaging 16.8 ppg and 4.9 assists, so if he can't play it's significant.

    They 15th in scoring and 8th in defense based on points per game. Jimmy Butler is their go-to guy.

    They are 23rd in offensive rebounding percentage so the key is getting them to miss the first shot. They're 4th in 3-point percentage at 38.4% so defending the 3-point line will be key for the Cavs. They're 10th in 3-point rate so they shoot more than average.

    What the do best is steal the ball, ranking 2nd in steals per defensive play. Taking care of the ball on offense will be crucial. Philadelphia is 1st, by the way, and we saw them stealing some careless passes last night.

    The Heat is 9th in block percentage so the key will be not letting them steal the ball or block the shot while still getting the shot to fall. This is a tough team to score on. They're 3rd in defensive efficiency.

    They tend to hack a lot, ranking 22nd in fouls per defensive play. The Cavs are 1st, by the way. They foul less than any team in the league and they're 16th in defensive efficiency. Not bad.

    This should be a relatively low scoring game.

  • The Heat have been playing great, but can't say that lineup they used against the Pistons scares me. Hopefully we can hang with 'em and maybe even hang an L on 'em.

  • I still have a lot of hatred towards the Heat. Go Cavs!!!

  • Cavs looking like a lottery team energy at all.

  • Nice comeback in the second half after being down by 24 at halftime. They were clearly not ready to play. In the second half JB went mostly with this bench; Delly, Clarkson, and Porter were key. I noticed Sexton didn't play much in the second half and only played 27 minutes. That group made a nice run to close to within 10 - they never quit.

    Love seems to have forgotten how to score from the low post. This has been going on since the season started. He's not drawing the shooting fouls he used to and is turning the ball over a lot. He led the team with 21 and 10 tonight but committed four turnovers, including another careless outlet pass that was intercepted.

    After the Heat scored 68 points in the first half the Cavs held them to 40 in the second. Really good defensive effort that turned a potential blowout into a respectable loss.

    Great to see Garland knock down three shots from long range. Maybe that will get him going. Porter had a nice game as well. I saw a lot of good things from him on both ends of the floor.

    Triston Thompson finally had a bad game with 2 points, 3 rebounds and 4 turnovers in 23 minutes. Even after Nance got hurt Beilein didn't put TT back in. They went with Love, Cedi, and three guards. I get the feeling JB was not happy with Sexton and TT, or maybe he just liked the combination that was playing well in the second half.

    Hope Nance is OK, but it looks like he messed up his thumb. With Zizic and Henson out we can't afford to lose Nance, too.

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  • Love hasn't been much of a low post scorer since he's been here, he makes his living at the lines, both the 3 point and free throw. His one inch vertical makes his shot easy to block so he knows where he has to be. He has no chance against an athletic big and his play reflects it.
    To me the distressing thing this year is in the lack of assists. In an age triple doubles are rather common, we have yet to have a guy with 10 assists in a single game. Even more amazingly, if you take away the 9 assists Love had one game against Indiana, the next highest assist total for a Cavs player this year in one game is 6. SIX. There were 3 guys on the Heat tonight who had 6 or more assists and another who had 5. Two Cavs had 4.

  • dms1964 said... (original post) Love hasn't been much of a low post scorer since he's been here, he makes his living at the lines, both the 3 point and free throw. His o...

    Yeah, Beilein has been talking about the need to learn to make productive passes. Not necessarily the pass that leads directly to a shot, but the pass that sets up the pass that results in an assist. I think that as Garland improves and earns more minutes we'll see more assists.

    Love used to get fouled a lot in the low post off pump fakes, but not this year. He had a very effective jump hook like the one TT uses but he has not been able to get into the paint to use it. He's also getting called for traveling on his spin move to the baseline. I think the refs are calling that more this year. If the pivot foot moves before the ball is released they call it. He'll have to work on that.

  • I was thinking maybe this was the game Darius would finally go nuts because it looked like he'd found the range in the 3rd quarter, but Beilein took him out while he was still hot and never put him back in. The bench rotation had a nice run, but that stopped when Miami brought back their starters.

    Probably the first time I've questioned his judgement. Hopefully he just liked how the bench unit was playing or was curious to see the team play with Kevin at C (after Nance Jr hurt his hand), but I suspect he was also sending a message to his guards to pass more and stop trying to be the hero.

    Just a shame because I think like Steph, Darius's game will open up once he starts knocking down J's off the dribble consistently. Opponents will adjust, and that will create passing opportunities.

  • The Cavs took a worse beating than Mason Rudolph. However, for what it's worth, it was nice to see that they didn't quit. They hung in there and never gave up. That was nice to see.

  • The way the Heat pass the ball was the story of this game for Cavs. Do that!!

    Other than going to a post player some we really got away from anything resembling team offense.

    Blech....worst game of the season. I had to switch so I didn’t see the run but even that doesn’t sound like winning team basketball but instead simply making some shots.

    Cut and move. Quit over dribbling. (Sexton).

    The Breilein ball seems to be paying dividends at the line. I haven’t looked but it seems we have a very high team percentage in free throws.