Moving forward...

Moving forward...

  • Gilbert should start rebuilding by:

    Say Good bye to... Lebron, Calderon, Green

    Try to trade, if not cut.. Korver, Perkins

    Try to trade, but if not may have to keep another year(?)... Thompson, Smith, Hill

    I dont want to trade, but would for a protect 1st or multple draft picks or ?? ... Love of course.

    Id like to keep... Zizic, Osman, Hood, Clarkson, and Nance Jr. is untouchable for me.

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  • Cavs are handcuffed by salaries, but maybe they could benefit going after players that want to prove they can play. Maybe some guys will take less for a promise of minutes.

    Looking at the UFA list, I think Shabazz mohammad, Jahil Okafor would fit into Ty Lue's system. Tons of raw talent, low risk.

  • First step for the Cavs is Lebron is gone... good, now the team can move forward as a TEAM!

    Next step is dealing with those salaries that are handcuffing the team, and for that they need to be trying to move players. Trades would be ideal, but if not the team may have cut/buyout (eat money), or retain them (eating money) for now in order to try and trade them later... but regardless, the Cavs must get under the cap.

    Shabazz and Okafor are both guys Id be in favor of talking to. Both have some potential in the future.

  • Here is what Id like to see the Cavs roster look like heading forward...

    G Hood, _____, _____
    G Clarkson, Sexton, _____
    F Osman, White, ______
    F Nance Jr, Preston, _____
    C Zizic, _____, _____

    Obviously lots of blanks, but I would like to see those filled by some trades... Cavs unloading older more expensive players and getting younger developmental players in return. I'd say players 25 or under with potential... and future picks.

    I'd like to say I would want to keep Tristan but his contract is so high, his play so limited, plus... Im not sure his priority is basketball these days...Now obviously everyone may not be tradable right away, but hopefully the Cavs are pushing hard to make deals.

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    I just read PERKINS was cut so thats good.

    Trade rumors about a Korver trade to Phili are floating out there. Cross you fingers.

    No big news on Love yet... Still waiting to hear news....

    and Id like to hear something at somepoint on Thompson, Smith, and Hill


    Im not thrilled about the Cavs signing Frye. At some point, the Cavs need to say no to old players.... "maybe he is a camp body" ?

  • Love has signed an extention which I do feel is a good thing. No doubt for me he is a very good player and still young enough to move the team forward. I do hesitate to think about the potential costs of decreased assets for doing a quick turnaround, but the Cavs apparent unwillingness to drop to the bottom of the league in an effort to win the lotto should be commended in some respect.

    Trade rumors still surround Korver. I have see a few I like, and a few I dont... the key for me is getting a young player with talent in return.

    Also trade rumors out about Smith, but nothing concrete. After learning that Smith's contract is on the old CBA if does make him more valuable in the future, but if a good offer is presented I make the deal now.

    Also I have sen a couple Thompson trade rumors... While I like his physical talent and age, his lack of offense skill and celebrity ego irrate me. With his massive contract, I would seriously consider moving him.

  • some recent rumors on trades, but the one I like the best is actually a combination of TWO different rumors out there concernign the Cavs and Miami.

    Cavs send Thompson, Korver, and Smith to Miami for Whiteside, Tyler Johnson, and Dion Waiters.

    1. the trades are primarily a swap between the same positional players...
    2. I have not dug into the Salary leverages, but from the surface it looks okay.
    3. With Whiteside the Cavs lose some rebounding capability, but gain offense in lieu. Whiteside has been disgruntled in Miami s maybe the change of scenery would help?
    4. Tyler Johnson fits as far as youth and development is concerned, and Dion Waiters would be an excellent player to return to CLE to see if he can reach his potential.

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  • Cavs sign Guard Nwaba. He is 25... Played at Cal Poly... He played 20 games with the Lakers in 2017 - averaging 7.9 points on 48 percent shooting, 4.7 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 23.5 minutes. He played 70 games, started 21, and more often than not took the toughest defensive assignment.

    I like it. big thumbs up from me.

  • With Dekkar and Nwaba added

    Here is what Id like to see the Cavs roster look like heading forward...

    PG Hill, Sexton, Hood,
    SG Smith, Clarkson, Nwaba
    PF Love, Nance Jr, Dekker
    F Korver, Osman, Frye
    C Thompson, Zizic

    Now if the Miami trade occurs then the change would look something like...

    PG Hill, Hood, Johnson, Sexton,
    SG Waiters, Clarkson, Nwaba
    PF Nance Jr, Dekker
    SF Love, Osman, Frye
    C Whiteside, Zizic

    I like this lineup much better for this year and moving into the future... Cav's do lose veteran shooting on the outside and some rebounding strength on boards, however the Cavs gain offense inside, a ton of developmental potetnial, and drop 15 years of cobined age from the roster. This is a definite PLUS for me...

    If this happens, my next question is about what the Cavs intend to do with Hill (starts and mentors Sexton? Trade to unload 19mil salary and get assets?), and whether or not Frye makes the team heading into the season.

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  • Hood traded to the Trail Blazers for Nick Stauskas, Wade Baldwin, amd two future 2nd rd picks.

  • PG Sexton, Burks, Simmons, Baldwin, Nwaba
    SG Dellavedova, Clarkson, Stauskas, Smith
    PF Nance Jr, Adel, Blossomgame
    F Love, Osman, Henson, Frye
    C Thompson, Zizic

    Cavs have turned Korver, Hood, Hill, and Dekker into 7 picks - a 1st and 6 2nds.

    but Still lots of work to do...

    Talk about moving Burks and Clarkson... will see how those rumors shake out...

    Im looking forward to Smith disappearing... sooner the better.

  • "Teams just keep pulling off deals before the NBA trade deadline. With the trade deadline looming on Thursday afternoon, the Sacramento Kings, Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets just pulled off a three-team trade featuring several players and a protected first-round draft pick changing hands. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Rockets have acquired Iman Shumpert, while the Cavs have acquired a lottery protected first-round pick, Brandon Knight and Marquese Chriss. The Kings have acquired shooting guard Alec Burks to round out the deal. Furthermore, the Cavs will also send recently acquired players -- from the Portland Trail Blazers trade from this past weekend -- Nik Stauskas and Wade Baldwin to the Rockets."

    Great trade from my point of view...

    PG Sexton, Knight, Simmons, Nwaba
    SG Dellavedova, Clarkson, Smith
    PF Nance Jr, Chriss, Adel, Blossomgame
    F Love, Osman, Henson, Frye
    C Thompson, Zizic