Nba draft

Nba draft

  • Has anyone head who lebron likes in this draft? I'm pretty sure he's been right on at least 85% of his predictions.

    Also, what position would you go after? Personally I'd say go after the tallest and most athletic center.

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  • In my opinion, you always go BPA regardless of what position they play. The draft is a crapshoot and there’s no need to reach on guys, otherwise we may end up with Tristan Thompson or Dion Waitors (2 guys I feel we reached on, as examples).

  • Here’s my Top 10 board...

    1. C DeAndre Ayton
    2. SF Michael Porter
    3. PF Marvin Bagley
    4. SG Luka Doncic
    5. PF Jaren Jackson
    6. C Mohamed Bamba
    7. PG Trae Young
    8. PF Wendell Carter
    9. PG Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
    10. PG Collin Sexton, Alabama

  • Trae is off to a rough start so far