Orlando Magic @ Cleveland Cavaliers-11-27-19-GAME THREAD

Orlando Magic @ Cleveland Cavaliers-11-27-19-GAME THREAD

  • The Cavs stay at home to take on the Magic. Have a nice Thanksgiving everyone.

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  • Nikola Vucevic is out and the Magic does not have a road win this year, going 0-7 so far. Should be a win for the Cavs even if Love doesn't play.

    The Cavs lost by 9 to the Magic in Orlando to open the season with Vucevic getting 21 and 10.

  • Bad loss at home to a team that was 0-7 on the road and missing two starters, including its best player. The Cavs set a season high for turnovers before the 3rd quarter was over and ended up with a ridiculous 25 TO's. Just a turd of a performance. I didn't see any positives whatsoever.

    Love returned but does not appear to be over his back problem. He was 2-for-7 on 3's and missed four wide open totally uncontested shots. He only played 24 minutes and Beilein got him out of there only four minutes into the second half with the Cavs getting annihilated.

    Garland had 8 turnovers in 30 minutes. He needs a LOT of practice on faking a shot and putting the ball on the floor without shuffling his feet. High school stuff. On one play a loose ball bounced right to him. He grabbed it, jumped up the air with both feet, came down, then started his drive. I don't think I've ever seen an NBA player do that. 8 turnovers, 1 assist. He played like a 19-year-old who's coming to the NBA right out of high school, which is exactly what he is. He dribbles into traffic and either picks up the ball or leaves his feet with nowhere to pass it. He has to learn to keep his dribble going until he has either a pass or a shot.

    Mo Bamba is hitting 25% on 3's but was 5-for-5 tonight and the Magic won by 12 points. Go figure. Evan Fournier destroyed whoever was guarding him. He's averaging 18 ppg but went off for 30 tonight. The Magic also get a lot of help from their depleted bench with Ross chipping in 16 points in 23 minutes while D.J. Augustin dished out 10 assists in 30 minutes.

    For the Cavs Collin Sexton had a nice game with 20 points, 7 rebounds, and an amazing (for him) 6 assists, but he also had the 5 turnovers. He had the floater in the lane working nicely. That's a tough shot to stop, even for a big.

    Kevin Porter Jr had 6 pts, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists in 19 minutes. I'm still amazed at how quickly he gets off the floor and how high he gets. The guy is a human pogo stick. But I noticed he passes really well considering his total lack of experience at this level. He has 11 assists in the last two games covering 48 minutes. He also has 9 rebounds, not bad for a 6'4" guard playing the 3 right now. He has a chance to be really good. He got a right-handed layup over two bigs off a great spin move that was the most impressive bucket of the night, and probably of the week.

    OK, so there were a couple of bright spots, namely Sexton and Porter. TT played his usual dogged game with 15 rebounds, including five on the offensive glass. What killed us was the 25 turnovers (more than 10 over their average), the great play of Fournier and the Magic's bench, and Love not being fully recovered.

    They can beat teams like this but they weren't ready to play tonight.

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  • PROSECUTOR said... (original post) Bad loss at home to a team that was 0-7 on the road and missing two starters, including its best player. The Cavs set a season high for turnover...

    I have been pleasantly surprised at the passing ability of Porter. He looks like he knows how to throw the rock around. I'm hoping Porter, Garland and Sexton become a force. Looks like the ability is there, we shall see.

  • “I have already told our development guys, that’s priority number one [reducing traveling calls],” Beilein said. “Every day before practice, catching it on two and using one primary pivot foot, slowing down and cleaning that stuff up. With the opportunities that we have in practice, get back to training camp mode on fundamentals again."

    Seven travel calls against the Cavs last night against only one against the Magic. Beilein says players have been doing it a certain way for years and now have to learn a new way. That's no excuse because the Magic is in the same boat and they weren't traveling. So it's back to basics. Most of the calls occurred when players caught a pass, pump faked a defender, then blew by him on the dribble. If you catch the pass with both feet on the ground in shooting position and pump fake without moving either foot, then you can lead with either foot as you start your drive. The key is getting your feet right before the pass arrives, then not repositioning a foot while faking the shot.

    Garland gets in trouble when he dribbles into the lane and picks up his dribble. He can't shoot over the big and he gets doubled so he can't pass out of it without moving his pivot foot to create some space. He has to learn to either put up a floater like Sexton does, pass the ball, or keep his dribble going until he has an open shot or a clear passing lane.