OT Brooklyn is Worried About Kyrie Irving's 'Mood Swings'

OT Brooklyn is Worried About Kyrie Irving's 'Mood Swings'

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  • We used to talk about this in the old 247 Cavs forum. Kyrie thinks he's a lot more intelligent than what he is. He wants to come across as philosophical and all knowing. But he's just not that bright. He's a weird dude that has incredible basketball talent. Brooklyn should be worried about his mood swings because it's going to happen. When KD comes back you know it's not going to go as planned. If he didn't want to play 2nd fiddle to LBJ in Cleveland, who wanted to get Kyrie the ball and wanted him to eventually take over our franchise. There's no way way he's going to get along with KD when he comes back. Two stubborn selfish talented players is a recipe for disaster.

  • If the Nets are any smarter than the Celtics, they realize they can't count on Kyrie to be the team leader and will insulate themselves from his mood swings and other "habits". Let him be the best version of himself like Ty Lue did, and work around that.

  • Well, the season just started, it might be a long year for them, or it might not. No matter what happens, the dude hit what was probably the biggest shot in Cavalier history. Damn, that was one exciting game 7. I didn't get to sleep until 5 in the morning.

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  • In the Nets last game they lost to the Pacers at home by 10. Kyrie scored 28 and was a -15, lowest on the team. So the Nets outscored the Pacers by five when Kyrie was on the bench and lost by 15 when he was on the floor - a 20-point swing.

  • Uncle Drew melt down could be catastrophic...never thought he would be such a head case before LBJ came back

  • Nets looked good last night disposing if the Rockets. Kyrie had a solid game.

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