Report: Cavaliers open to offers for Love Andrew Joe Potter

Report: Cavaliers open to offers for Love Andrew Joe Potter

  • The Cleveland Cavaliers are ready to field trade offers for five-time All-Star Kevin Love, Adrian Wojnarowski reported on ESPN's "NBA Countdown" on Friday.

    Wojnarowski noted that Dec. 15 is a key date with regards to a potential blockbuster deal, as teams can then move players signed to contracts this past offseason. Increasing the pool of players available for trade would make it easier to balance Love's $28.9-million salary for 2019-20.

    The 31-year-old is in the first season of a four-year, $120.4-million contract.

    Love is averaging 16.7 points, 10.7 rebounds, and 2.8 assists per game through a quarter of the season but has not been enough on his own to elevate a rebuilding Cavaliers team. At 5-15, Cleveland currently sits 13th in the Eastern Conference, 4.5 games out of the final playoff spot.

    The Cavs will definitely get some offers (specifically Portland; trying Love home) for K Love. And as I said they should try to move him to a contender. People talk about LBJ and KI but Cleveland doesn't have a title without K Love, either.

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  • Who is Love Andrew Joe Potter?

    Yeah, considering this losing streak I can see them changing their minds about trading Love. They 're at least a couple of years away from the playoffs when Love will be 33 or 34. They're a bad team now and with Thompson and Clarkson probably getting traded they're not going to get better until next year. They might as well go all in and move Love, TT, and Clarkson for as much young talent and draft picks as they can get and spend the rest of the season force feeding the three rookies, Sexton, Cedi, and any young studs they get from the trades. Nance, Henson, and Ante can share the 4-5 positions plus they should get at least one young big coming back from those deals.

  • I like Love in a Denver trade with Michael Porter Jr and some salary balance.

    Now we have the young PF to go with the guards.

    This draft coming up is PG heavy. We’re in trouble if we can’t get Wiseman because the next six guys are pg/sg

  • buckoff10 said... (original post) I like Love in a Denver trade with Michael Porter Jr and some salary balance. Now we have the young PF to go with the guards. This draft coming u...

    Actually of all of the youngsters MPJ is one I would hold onto because I think he has the most potential to blossom into a star!

  • MPJ



    We’d have two Porter Jrs if we went this route which has possibility.

  • buckoff10 said... (original post) MPJNot KPJWe’d have two Porter Jrs if we went this route which has possibility.

    My bad....typing too fast!!!

  • Bad news on the Love trade front.

    "In fact, The Athletic's Jason Lloyd has reported that interested teams want a draft pick in addition to Love.

    The Cavs are asking for a first-round pick in exchange for Love, one source with knowledge of the situation said. But teams are actually asking for a first-round pick from Cleveland just to absorb the final 3 1/2 years on his deal. It only takes one injury or one team to change all of that, but at this point, the gap between what the Cavs want and what is being offered seems pretty wide."

    The Cavs are stupid if they even consider this. I thought resigning Love was ridiculous, and I doubt he will be worth a fraction of what he's being paid, but I'd pay him double that before I'd send picks with him just to dump the contract. We don't need CAP room, it's not like we will be in the Giannis or Davis bidding wars. We can lose just as easily with Love or without him.

  • Koby is not stupid enough to give anybody "assets" to take on Love and his contract. One team to keep an eye on is Portland. They just lost Hood for the year.

  • Yeah we are fine keeping him. If his attitude goes to pot then sit him.

    It’s all about getting Wiseman for this rebuild and Love playing or not playing doesn’t seem to have much bearing on wins and losses.

    Denver will give up MPJ. They hardly play him now and they could use Love if they are truly serious about making a run with their veteran squad.

  • Like I said before...the urgency lies in trading TT and Clarkson before the deadline to get any return on those assets as playoff rentals.

    Houston could use both. Portland could use both. Houston has no assets left though.

  • From Jason Lloyd in The Athletic (italics mine):

    "The Cavs have made it known they are open for business. One source said the Cavs have made “basically everyone but Darius” Garland available in trade. That includes all of their expiring contracts, which isn’t a surprise. They are looking for future draft capital, namely first-round picks. But none of their players on expiring deals are likely to fetch a first-round pick without taking back bad money. Not even Tristan Thompson, who is having a terrific season. The fact they’re all going to be free agents next summer is flattening the value.

    That doesn’t make a deal impossible, it just might mean Koby Altman will have to get a little creative. The Cavs have no cap flexibility this year because they’re pressed up against the luxury tax line. There is very little additional money they can take on without going back into the tax, which isn’t an option for a team on pace to win 19 games this year. The Cavs would still be considered repeat offenders if they were a tax-paying team this year. That’s why it’s imperative they stay out of the tax one more season and completely cleanse their tax clock for next season and beyond. That way, if and when the time is right to be a tax-paying team again, they won’t be held to harsher penalties as a repeat offender."

    Well, Love and Clarkson throwing down 30 and 25 points last night probably didn't hurt their trade values. But it's discouraging to read that not only won't we get a first round pick for Love but we may have to send one along with him to get his contract off our hands.

    It might take a perfect storm, including an injury to a key player, to find a suitable trade partner.

    Clarkson is getting more minutes recently and is playing well. The last three games he's 24-for-48 at 20.3 ppg in 29 minutes per game. I wonder if he's getting any looks from playoff teams who could use a Lou Williams type scorer off the bench.

  • Treating Kevin right doesn't mean we have to take a bath on a trade. Right now all you'll hear in the press is posturing; while GMs try to figure out who's more desperate to make a move. Kevin can try to convince team's he's worth something more than the ink on his contract, but it's unlikely - his track record is far too long.

    So, either we find a desperate trade partner (and that tends to go down at the deadline), Kevin can a propose a buyout, or he can settle in for the rebuild.

  • Kiev has already said all the right things about being here through the rebuild but deep down you know he wants to play for a contending team. Trust me a couple of playoff teams will make a phone to Koby about a trade for Love, TT and Clarkson. Again the issue is what do we get back? If they are still in the playoff hunt I see Portland going after Love!

  • Just trade Love next year. We aren’t going to be any good in 2020 anyway.

    We aren’t sending draft picks away with our greatest asset. That’s ridiculous. It’s not happening. Man for man to acquire an expiring might happen just to get rid of his contract. Again Denver and Paul Millsap might work in that scenario. That would free up money for next summer.

    It’s all about getting Wiseman and if they trade Porter Jr or Sexton I’d consider that a serious punt so I’m not buying that everybody but Garland is available. Porter Jr is a legitimate building block. You aren’t building anything by moving him for a draft pick.

  • blkmagic00 said... (original post) Kiev has already said all the right things about being here through the rebuild but deep down you know he wants to play for a contending team. T...

    From a Portland podcast two days ago:

    "The team lost starting small forward Rodney Hood for the season when he tore his Achilles in the Blazers' loss to the Lakers on Friday. Hood was having his best season, and continued a string of bad injury luck for Portland. Hood became the third Blazers starter to be lost to a major injury in the a span of 24 regular-season games, joining Jusuf Nurkic and Zach Collins....The collection of injuries this early in the season is devastating. The "next man up" mentality is great until you run out of them. This team's depth is being tested in ways no one could have expected."

    "Kevin Love is the type of caliber player the Blazers should be seeking. He checks a lot of boxes. He's an All-Star talent at a position the Blazers could use depth, he has championship pedigree and he's got multiple years remaining on his contract. My greatest concern would be durability, he's got a history of missing games due to injury and I would be a little concerned about availability over the next couple of seasons. It wouldn't be option No. 1 for me, but I think it could work out well for Portland. Do I think it will happen? It depends how much Cleveland truly wants to blow it up. If reports are true about their asking price, there's no way he ends up in Rip City because I don't believe Neil Olshey wants to part ways with promising young talent."

    "At the same time, the Blazers can’t let the expiring contracts of Hassan Whiteside and Kent Bazemore go to waste. The type of player the Blazers need won’t be available in free agency, and even if they were, they wouldn’t come to Portland anyways. If at the end of January or early February, Kevin Love is the best option for the Blazers, then yes, they need to acquire him. They’ve got to push their chips all in at some point. Ultimately, I don't think they will on Love."

    "But he also comes with a lot of upside, especially playing with this Portland squad. He's a great volume 3-point shooter. He will space the floor for Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum and Jusuf Nurkic. He's a great rebounder, which means when he's paired with Nurkic, he'd help the Blazers recapture their rebounding dominance. And he's a good playmaker. When Dame gets trapped, Love would be a great release valve. Taking into consideration all of it, I think Kevin Love would be worth the risk. The Blazers should try to maximize Lillard's prime and I think Love would help in that endeavor. If all it would take is a first-round pick (and the matching salary) to acquire Love, I don't see why the Blazers wouldn't make it happen."

    My comments:

    Carmelo Anthony is 35 and averaging almost 33 minutes a game this month at the PF position. He's shooting 35.6% this month after 46% in November. We're only a quarter of the way through the season and he already looks to be running on fumes. They'll get Nurkic back around the All-Star break, giving them two skilled 7' centers in Nurkic and Whiteside to go with Lillard and McCollum at guard and Carmelo at PF.

    A tandem of Love and Carmelo at PF along with Nurkic/Whiteside at C and the two All-Star guards might just get 'er done. Carmelo would be much more effective playing 18 minutes a game to Love's 30. Whether that would be enough to take down the 23-3 Lakers is the question.

    In any case they expect to lose Whiteside and Bazemore at the end of this season and the free agent market sucks. Trading a pick for Love would make sense. Whiteside and Bazemore are making a combined $46 million this year so with that money coming off the books they could afford Love. Like the man said, they need to take advantage of the prime of Lillard's career.

    Whether there's a better option than trading for Love is the question.

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  • PROSECUTOR said... (original post) A tandem of Love and Carmelo at PF along with Nurkic/Whiteside at C and the two All-Star guards might just get 'er done. Carmelo

    The problem is to get the salaries to match we are getting back Whiteside. One of the Portland writers came up with a trade of TT/Love for Whiteside/Bazemore. We get rid of Love's salary the next couple years but get nothing much back. Maybe we get Portland to throw in a protected 1st rounder, but as you stated will Portland really think they have shot. The Lakers look unbeatable, but besides them you have the Clippers, Mavs, Nuggets and Rockets all playing 650+. Whoever gets the 7th or 8th seed on the West is one and done.

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  • dms1964 said... (original post) The problem is to get the salaries to match we are getting back Whiteside. One of the Portland writers came up with a trade of TT/Love for Whitesid...

    They can only trade Whiteside after Nurkic comes back and that will be a while. Right now they need Whiteside. He scored 33 points with 12 boards and four blocked shots their last game. Tristan isn't going to touch that. He's averaging 3.2 blocks per game.

    Once Nurkic is back they could make that trade and go with Nurkic/TT at center and Love/Carmelo at PF. Damian and CJ are fine at guard but who is their small forward? Hood just went down. Hezonja is averaging 4.4 ppg in 17 minutes. They have no depth at guard, either.

    Even if they marginally improve by swapping Whiteside and Bazemore for Love and TT, I don't see them challenging the top four teams in the West. They could put together a nice starting unit of Nurkic, Love, Hezonja, Dames, and CJ, but after that it's just TT, Carmelo, and Simons. They don't have the depth.

    As I see it the Blazers have four very good players in Lillard, CJ, Nurkic, and Whiteside. Bazemore is a 30-year-old giving them 8 points a game off the bench. Carmelo hasn't been good this month after a solid start and he's 35 years old with 56 more games before they even get to the playoffs. They have no depth or any young studs we could develop. I'm not seeing a deal for Love.