100 Points

100 Points

  • Pretty cool, huh? Rimer and Jody were talking about the Presidents Trophy during the game yesterday afternoon and all my dream campaigns on NHL video games suddenly became real for a moment. 

    I'd play through a campaign and have the best record in the league with the Jackets and think "lol, this would never happen in real life". Yet here we are! Right in the hunt. Fun stuff. 

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  • How many goals did Shelley have in your video seasons???

    People at work are asking me, like I have all the answers, about the difference this year.  It's largely the same team that finished 27th last year.  But we took the heart of the Monsters Championship team: Anderson, Sedlak, Werenski, and now Bjorkstrand and even Korpisalo.

    Do you think it's possible to be led by the kids? 

    The other observations are that Torts is in his second year; Lou is in his second year of captaincy; Jones was here all year; many little things....Cam has come on; Bobs is back; JJ is better playing just a few mins less.

    But holy crap, triple digits and 11? to go?  \

    Damned cool, C&C......Damned cool!

  • He had a realistic amount. The old games could never replicate realistic stamina so the top three lines would pretty much roll the whole game. He probably got like 2 minutes of ice time per game.
    But what about Johansen? He's gone and I feel pretty good about that. I wonder what impact that had on the team. No single player on this squad is "the guy", even if Cam has been having a great year. Bob lost weight in the offseason and has been healthy (very nervous knock on wood). And we also didn't start the season with a million straight regulation losses.
    I thought last years squad was pretty good, but there was pretty much zero mojo. You're probably right about Foligno and Jones. They're comfortable now and have been fantastic. And there's no doubt Werenski has been an amazing addition.
    There's just so much to talk about. Every aspect of their game has been good. Two years ago I did not imagine Savard and Johnson would be playing like they've been playing.
    Taking it one game at at time.

  • Wenny and Gags.

    And the rooks. Torts and his staff have been great too. PP early was deadly. Now the kill is pretty good too. Their passing up the ice is the best I've ever seen from a BJ team. Except for lately they stayed out of the box this season.

    They just skate faster. Savard for example is just faster/quicker.

    Bobs. Always Bobs.

  • I think its also getting rid of dead weight...Boll, Campbell, Tyutin, etc. The only wasted roster spot was on Prout and even he's gone now. I never would have predicted 100 points but go back and look at the prediction thread...I was bullish on thisteam. It all came down to Bobs and Bobs has come through!

  • and the award for understatement of the season goes to DoggyII for "Bobs has come through!"

    He's been great, but just like it was all Mason in 2009, Bobs has had the benefit of a good team in front of him, playing well both ways.

    Fred (guy who sits in front of me) said, "We'll never be good as long as Shelley is on the roster" then "We'll never be good as long as Boll is on the roster". Maybe he was right, but I'm not telling him that either way!

    Here's to 102...