2017 Season discussion

2017 Season discussion

  • We sit 5-2-0 with LA at nationwide tonight.

    My thoughts so far is we are getting balanced scoring which is great and Bobs looks good. We have lost to Chicago and Tampa both of whom are rolling right now and destroyed teams we should have destroyed. It seems Torts has changed the slow start mentality which has plagued us for years.

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  • 5-3 now...that was a weird game vs LA! I agree I am not too worried..at least about the first two losses but its unsettling that what should be our top line of Cam, Bread and Wenny is not dominating or scoring many goals. The lack of an effective PP isn't good either.

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  • 7-3: a solid first 1/8 of the season. I figure 6-4 every ten games is a playoff team so playing with house money out of the gate.

    Is Foligno proving his worth or what. We are thin down the middle and Nicky has been solid filling in. That first year with the "C" was rough but he has really settled in as a leader on this team!

    Dubinsky has lost his "A". Torts feels he is not playing up to expectations. Offensive stat line has never been his bread and butter. He's still the emotional heart and soul of this team.

    JMFJ gets the "A". I think having at least one d-man with an "A" makes sense anyway and he is the grizzled veteran at this point. He has really flourished on that second pairing with Savard.

    Andy scored the OT game winner last night. I like the kid but honestly he needs to diversify his skill set. He skates well and is big and physical but he has no idea how to pass or get his teammates involved. All he knows is drive to the net.

    Still waiting for Bread to score goals. He's getting assists and he plays a much better two way game than I think we were expecting. But...he's paid to score goals and he's either missing the net or the goalie sees everything he shoots.

    Cam has four goals in the first ten games. He is on pace for another 30+ goal year. When do we finally hear the announcement that Cam has signed a long term extension?

    Team has some very hard decisions ahead.

    I love Dubi but his contract is getting harder and harder to swallow! Cam, Boone, Matty C, Bjorkstrand and JMFJ all need new contracts for next season. Cam is the big kahuna contract but don't want to lose Matty C either...hopefully he isn't looking for too big a raise from where he is right now. Could be the best PKer in the league. I could still see Boone being part of a trade at some point (let Andy fill his role) and as much as I like JMFJ, we are deep on the blue line and committing longterm to him doesn't make fiscal sense (unless he is taking a payout and I am not sure he can afford that with all the debt his parents ran up on him.

    Also have to look one more year down the road when Z gets paid, Bread becomes a UFA, Milano, Sedlak and Bobs are all in need of new deals.

  • Contracts will be an issue. Do we start jettisoning contract guys?

    We are now 9-4 things are looking positive.

    I have to admit I'm a bit salty about Vegas. The league set them up pretty good just to make it a hockey town with the NFL moving in. Why the hell didn't we get that sweet deal in 99?

  • Agreed...salty is a good description. I think its pretty BS how they screwed the expansion teams in the late 90s and Vegas is gifted a more than competitive team in year one.

  • Not only gifted but given a competitive team with a minor league depth we took years to build. Seriously how can they not apologize to minny and cbj for the screws they put to us. To have to draft against each other without the depth and star potential Vegas got? They would have never done that for us if we were born this year.....they had to win the vegas market.

  • Since this forum is all but dead I will bring this here. Good luck tonight guys and Go Canes!

  • Man, there are like 5-6 offensive guys just struggling right now on this team. They are being held together by Bobs. That power play is MIA...like did Brandon Saad take it with him? Yikes.

  • It's seems to be systemic. The Monsters are the same way, can't score and power play is around 10 percent. They have had decent goaltending with the exception of a couple games. The Jackets have talent that is struggling. The Monsters pretty much lack talent since it is all in Columbus. Motte and Schroeder seemed to be the only guys that were good here and both deserved the call up.