2017 Training Camp

2017 Training Camp

  • So much to talk about as the CBJ have just two more pre-season games to play and the roster having been cut down to 29 (six more to go)...

    1) Andy: Josh Anderson is without a contract (his ELC expired at the end of last season). He is not in camp and reports say they are as little as $150K/season apart and other reports say the gap is wide. Not sure who to believe but the question is two fold...money and years. There are two very similar players to him: one signed a three year deal worth $6.3 Million and the other is still unsigned, not in camp with the Red Wings and has the same agent. Word is Andy is fed up with the negotiations at this point and has asked for a trade.

    Part of me says the gap shouldn't be so huge just get it done and the other part of me questions Andy's ceiling. The kid had 17 Gs and 29 Pts as a rookie. Is that the norm, is his trajectory up, or does he pull a Boone who scores 30 one year and then drops down to a more reasonable scoring pace. I am just not sure he is a good second line winger or just a solid third line winger.

    2) Dubi still recovering from off-season wrist surgery and Boone is struggling with a "middle body injury". Boone's injured hurts because he would be a great fill-in at Center while Dubi recovers but he has not been able to play all training camp.

    3) PLD has looked solid...on the LW. We drafted the kid to play Center. Of course Boone was a Center in Juniors and has spent his entire NHL career on the wing. If playing wing gets PLD on the CBJ opening game roster that's great but we need help down the middle so he needs to make that transition!

    4) VA was part of the roster cutdown to 29. He has already said he is not going back to Canadian Juniors and that he will start his pro career over in Europe. I have no problems with that...he's still committed to the CBJ but he will continue to develop his game playing against men...not boys. This NHL-CHL agreement has to end. Players too good for the CHL but not good enough for the NHL should be able to continue to develop in the AHL...not have to jump the pond.

    5) Speaking of pivot problems...Schroeder who was signed from MN to be that utility man this season has been hurt. Need him to get healthy so we see if there is a roster spot for him.

    We should know more about the bottom of the roster after tonight's game. Thoughts from others regarding Andy, Dubi, VA and others?

    Still hoping we find a way to swing a deal for Duchene. Thinking Andy, Murray and a prospect/draft pick makes the deal happen. Am expecting a et down to start the season...this team just has more ??? than last season.

  • Discussion
  • Saw a blurb that Anderson will not play without a contract. Been watching the boxes and like the building towards the season.

    I would like to add Duchene, but if they were going to do it I wish it was during the draft. If it happens soon the learning curve of team cohesion might take a hit

  • This isn't a kid who is unhappy with his current contract and is holding out...Andy literally has no contract right now.

  • i disagree he isnt unhappy with his situation, he has demanded a trade

  • I am not saying he isn't unhappy with his situation, I said he isn't unhappy with his current contract (because he doesn't have a contract). Its not a holdout...he is sitting out because he doesn't have a contract. As for asking for a trade...Jarmo says that JA's camp has not asked/demanded a trade.

  • So he isnt unhappy that he hasnt got a contract? No matte rwhich way you want to slice it, if he was happy he would be in training camp.


    This is what i was talking about..... on side says he does one side says he doesn't. Included in the article it says the club worked to keep him out of the duchene trade. at this point seeeing the young kids put up numbers in the preseason i would do the murray/anderson/ 1st rounder for duchene. They used the pre season to see their youngsters through and it seems milano, PLD, and others can make the jump. They may not represent the type of player anderson is, but at least they are here and with the team

  • I watched the first thirty minutes of Saturday's game vs Pittsburgh. Team looked really good to me. PLD and Milano both looked like they belong.

  • When do they cut down?

  • 5pm today

  • FORWARDS (13)
    9 Artemi Panarin
    10 Alexander Wennberg
    11 Matt Calvert
    13 Cam Atkinson
    17 Brandon Dubinsky
    18 Pierre-Luc Dubois
    22 Sonny Milano
    28 Oliver Bjorkstrand
    36 Zac Dalpe
    37 Markus Hannikainen
    45 Lukas Sedlak
    71 Nick Foligno
    77 Josh Anderson

    DEFENSE (8)
    3 Seth Jones
    4 Scott Harrington
    7 Jack Johnson
    8 Zach Werenski
    27 Ryan Murray
    53 Gabriel Carlsson
    58 David Savard
    65 Markus Nutivaara

    70 Joonas Korpisalo
    72 Sergei Bobrovsky

  • Eight defensemen...wow! Thought Nuti was going down.

    Two legit rooks in Milano and PLD.

    Dalpe earns a spot...good for him.

    No Schroeder or Motte.