Cam Atkinson signs seven year extension!

Cam Atkinson signs seven year extension!

  • Cam gets seven years and 40 Million ($5.75 AAV). I think this is a very fair deal for the CBJ...I figured he was going to get $6 - $6.25 Million.

    CBJ are going to have to massage the cap next year...they have $37.5 Million wrapped up in five forwards (Nicky, Bread, Dubi, Cam and Wenny) and two d-men (Jonesy and Savard). Throw in $7.5 Million for Bobs and $4.5 in buyouts (Tyutin and Hartsy) we have almost $50 Million tied up in eight roster spots.

    I am thinking Boone, JMFJ and Murray (who all need new deals) are in danger of being someplace else next year.

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  • With the 4.5 maybe this year they eat the cap to gain next year.

    Of the three who do we have in the wings to replace?

    Of the three which could be a trade deadline mover?

  • Sorry I wasn't clear...the $4.5 Million is on the books for next season. They have $4 Million in dead cap space tied to this season (Boll, Tyutin and Hartsy). See and scroll to the bottom to see the buyout history.

    CapFriendly has us at $58 Million for seventeen roster spots in 2018-2019. We need to sign six more guys for somewhere between $17 - $20 Million. That doesn't seem hard but the CBJ have to be careful not to over-extend themselves. They have some bargain guys who will be needing big ticket deals the next year (2019-2020).

    2018-2019: Guys needing new deals (or let go) are JMFJ, Murray, Boone, Calvert, Bjorkstrand (OB) and Nutivaara. OB is getting a raise over his $675K and Nuti is getting a raise over his $817K. How much I have no idea but expect both will be re-signed. Don't want to lose Matty C...don't see any great replacements for him but he has to go up at least a little from $2.2 Million...right? That leaves JMFJ, Murray and Boone. They are all the higher priced guys...something has to give.

    2019-2020: Bread, Z and Bobs. Save a lot of pennies next year because these three are gonna break the piggy bank!

  • Cam was a healthy scratch tonight. That is interesting.

  • Hey Michael,

    Cam has been squeezing the stick too tightly. He needs to relax and let the play come to him. Scorers are streaky...this is definitely a cold streak. I am not worried about whether or not he finds his groove...the only question is when.

    Bread has finally started producing this past week and Luc is getting more comfortable with every game he plays...hopefully its just a matter of time for Cam.