CBJ 2017 RFAs and UFAs...

CBJ 2017 RFAs and UFAs...

  • There is a lot going on this off-season between the draft, expansion draft and of course the signing of RFAs and UFAs.  I don't expect the CBJ to be active in the external UFA market but the question is what do they do with their own?


    • Wenny ($925K).  He had a very good first half season and kinda disappeared in the second half.  He's a solid playmaker but still doesn't shoot enough for most fans taste.  He plays a good two way game but really struggles on face-offs (although I think he improved as the season went along).  He is as close to a #1C as we have and there don't appear to be any legit challengers in the system unless PLD steps up his game.  He doesn't have any more bridge contracts left to be made but he's still an RFA so both sides have leverage.  He just changed agents (same organization as Seth Jones and a lot of other heavy hitter players like Crosby, Kane, Toews and Kopitar).  This one could be interesting.
    • Andy ($700K) and clearly he's getting a raise.  Especially if the team protects him in the expansion draft you'll know they want him.
    • Korpi ($800K) and Forsberg ($650K): I think the team will want both back.  I suppose Korpi could get taken in the expansion draft (I figured Vegas was gonna target Scott Darling but since his trade to Carolina I expect he'll be protected).  If CBJ don't pursue a veteran backup for Bobs look for these two guys to be re-signed and battle it out in training camp.
    • Dean Kukan ($800K): I think Kukan has a chance to be a 5/6/7 d-man in a weaker NHL lineup but our blue line is stacked and only getting stronger...could see him signed and moved or simply allowed to walk.
    • Oscar Dansk ($800K): I was surprised the team brought Dansk over from Europe late this season.  Perhaps the team has not given up on him and they'll throw him a two-way contract but no raise.  If Korpi or Forsberg is the NHL backup, there is a spot for Dansk as the AHL backup since Elvis is committed to Europe for one more season.


    • Gags ($650K): Someone is gonna pay him more than that but hope its not the CBJ.  I guess he likes it here and the two sides are talking but realistically we can do more with his roster spot for less than he will get elsewhere.  He really had two seasons, first half he was an all-star and second half he was a dud.  Bye Bye!
    • Korpkoski: Bye Bye
    • Kyle Quincey: Bye Bye
    • TJ Tynan: Not sure he is gonna get a shot here in Columbus...bet he goes looking elsewhere
    • Zac Dalpe ($600K): Played really well down the stretch, could see the CBJ making a play to keep him.
  • Discussion
  • RFAs:

    • Wenny ($925K):Yeah big raise, not contentious.
    • Andy ($700K): Big raise.
    • Korpi ($800K) and Forsberg ($650K): I agree both come back
    • Dean Kukan ($800K): when he had his cup of coffee with the CBJ, I really liked him.  You are right though, there has been a passing lane for guys going by him.  I still think we hang onto him.
    • Oscar Dansk ($800K): I thought they brought him over as practice fodder, which signaled either we wanted to see him or we wanted tosee if he cared.  I'm unsure of the timing but if we lose Korpi, I think we want Dansk as Monster back up.


    • Gags ($650K): yeah, he'd have to be cheap again and I doubt he'd do it.
    • Korpkoski: No
    • Kyle Quincey: Doubt it 
    • TJ Tynan:  I root for him, heard good things from Cleveland, not sure I saw him here
    • Zac Dalpe ($600K): ah....AHL, no opinion


    Also NHL Numbers has these guys, on some of which I have an opinion/comment:



    MAB: they signed him like at the deadline...saw it on a crawler, but don't think the team ever mentioned it. Probably not.

    Gallant: Not a prospect, no opinion.

    Sifers: who?

    Stanton: who?



    Broadhurst: ah, heard the name, no opinion

    Yvenko: huge Russian, doubt it.

    Zaar: I have a positive opinion, but don't know why... good name

  • Zaar signed in Sweden...he's gone.

    Tynan looked decent in his two game "cup of coffee" in Columbus. I think he's a solid AHL veteran with minimal NHL value. At some point it makes sense for him to move on and improve his NHL chances elsewhere.