CBJ re-sign Hannikainen, Sedlak and Harrington

CBJ re-sign Hannikainen, Sedlak and Harrington

  • AP reports the CBJ have signed Hannikainen, Sedlak and Harrington to two year one-way deals.

    Not sure if these are somehow related to the expansion draft but have no issues with any of these deals.  I am confident they are all prettylow cost deals.  Harrington has proven to be a reliable #7 D-Man and not sure there is anyone in the pipeline who can easily supplant him in the next two years.  Sedlak has done a nice job as the #4C and he would be a nice fall back if Karlssonis then in the expansion draft.  Hannikainen could be seen as Calvert's eventual replacement.

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  • I'm surprised 33 got a one-way....since he's in the minors now.

    It WILL be interesting to see if JK can control the expansion draft loss. Something like giving them two good players instead of losing one we really want to keep.

    If not Bill, we could lose Korpi, Sedlak or Andy....maybe even JJ or Savard.

    It'll be something to watch.

    I think our pipeline Dman is Kukan. He played well here late last year but has been here much, if at all, this year.

  • I think Andy has played himself into protected status. Somehow they make that work.

  • I like the way you think.  We gotta keep 34.


    I'm thinking we already have a 'who do you protect" thread.... I'm gonna pull that back up.