Expansion Draft Discussion

Expansion Draft Discussion

  • So it's being reported teams are allowed to protect 7F, 3D and 1G. Players with less than 2 years pro experience are already protected and AHL counts as pro experience. Players with NTC or NMC MUST be protected. I would imagine Columbus list looks like

    Clarkson (automatic)
    Hartnell (automatic)

    Leaving Atkinson, Karlsson, Calvert up for grabs. Rychel would be up for grabs as well. If it's in 2017, Milano and Bjorkstrand would be safe. I think Anderson would be safe as well. 2018 they would have to be protected or put up for grabs.

    On defense would probably be an easy choice between Jones, Murray and Savard. Putting up JJ up for grabs, Heatherington would be protected being in his first 2 years, Werensky would be safe for up until a 2018 draft. Though he would probably get protected over Savard.

    Koprisalo would be protected in an 2017 draft but not 2018. BOB I thought has a NTC though which means he would be automatically protected.

    If we get a top 3 pick and get one of the fins or matthews, they would be protected until a 2019 draft I believe.