Game 63 @ OTT

Game 63 @ OTT

  • I saw TJ Tynan was an emergency call up. I don't know if he will play, but I hope so. This guy plays hard and gives his all every game. He's on the small side, but plays big. Among the top point guys for the Monsters this year, last year, and I believe with Springfield the last year there. I didn't think Columbus remembered he was here as he is a 2011 pick and this is his first call up. I hope he plays as he deserves it. Another win tonight would be nice.

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  • He was up in case Dubi couldn't play...Dubi played. I agree, I am not sure Tynan is NHL material but he has paid his dues in the AHL and it is nice to see him rewarded. Assume he will be sent back down now.

    Sens always give us problems and last night was no different :( Nice to see Saad score two games in a row but scoring in general is getting harder and harder to come by as we get closer to the playoffs.

    I thought Korpi played pretty well last night and is solidifying himself as the backup. I have plenty of confidence in him to do the job.

    I am ambiguous about wins and losses. Sure I'd love to be #2 and get home ice advantage for the first round but not sure there is much difference between being #3 or #4. We are looking at either Murray, Lundqvist or Price in the first round and all three teams give us trouble.

    Just want to keep winning and building positive momentum for the playoffs.  We are 6-3-1 in our last ten which is good.

  • We keep hitting metal!!

  • If we are 2 or 3 we play Pittsburgh. 4 we play Montreal.

    Sliding back might be wise.

  • You mean the winners of five in a row Montreal? They looked plenty good against us and am not sure they will be a bargain in the playoffs. Just careful what you wish for.

  • Safe to say Oliver is here to stay.

    Nice shutout for Bobs. I think we have NJ three more times so this was nice.

  • And Gags on two game streak playing with Oliver.

  • This was a solid solid game. Disappointed the Sabres blew a 3-0 lead and let the Pens win 4-3.

  • The Sens have this team's number. They drop a skater back with their blueliners in sort of a 2-3 zone and CBJ can't get around it. They need to figure out a little "dump and skate" against these guys and get physical in front of the net.

    Good game against NJ, but they are not a playoff team so they should beat those guys. That goal by OB was pretty special.

  • OB had that same shot and opportunity against Ottawa and he dinged it off the post.

    BTW, that's the game Guy Boucher preaches...he's the new Jacques Lemaire