Game 68: Columbus vs. Philthydelphia

Game 68: Columbus vs. Philthydelphia

  • No one made a post yet? I'll be watching tonight. Go Jackets!

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  • Blizzard in Philly. Should be an empty barn.

  • We are expecting 12-20 here in New Hampshire. Not sure how much Philly i getting.

  • Murray out 4 to 6 with broken hand.

  • Another goal for Gags. One timer.

    And a breakaway for Cam.


  • And I'm stuck here at work still... Looks like a solid first period, though! Anything else notable?

  • 2-2 now.

    They just got a PP goal and are on another now.

  • Very sloppy. Lots of turnovers.

  • Damn another penalty. We're losing it.

    4 mins.

  • 5 on 3.

  • Survived that now 3:30 of kill

  • Killed it.

    9:00 left in 2nd.

    Score Flyers 5 on 5. 3 to 2. We're in trouble. Mentally unfocused.

  • Hartnel penalty.

    5 penalties in 10 minutes.

  • Nice scoring attempt by Gags...his offense has come around lately.

    Missed first 30 minutes...nice to see Matty C back!

  • Goal!!!! Is that Z's goal?  So important to win face-offs!

    Tired of hearing Rimer harp n Z's deserving to be discussed in the Calder voting.  We all know...but he's preaching to the choir.

  • Zack drives one home from somewhere in Redding.


  • Chippy. Big scrum.

    Worst game I've seen all year.

    Hell there were three whistles in the first 1:20 of the game.

  • This game is devolving

  • Ha.

  • Wow...four minute PP for did they get that?

  • Flyers get a PP after full line scrum. Unbelievable!!

  • OK...changed it from 4:00 to 2:00. SMH

  • Saad accident slash.

  • These teams are in each other's head.

  • I love beating Mason.

  • 6 penalties in the 2nd and we somehow are not down 2. We miss our C?

    Wonder if he took a day off to keep Ollie in the lineup with MarttyC back?