GDT 2:CBJ @ Chi. Blackhawks

GDT 2:CBJ @ Chi. Blackhawks

  • No rest for the kids as we face a true test in game two. Chicago destroyed our rivals from Pittsburgh 10-1.....hawks that good?

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  • Listened to the Chicago feed, seen like we are still where we were last year, no one to put the puck in the net consistently. Sounded like we controlled the second period but just didn't finish.....oh and we need a legit number two goalie.

    I wondered why Bob played against the games vs the Eastern conference give us a tie breaker edge?

  • Good scheduling for Hawks...they got Pittsburgh on the second night of back to backs and then the CBJ on the second night of back to backs.

    Concerned about Joonas. If he continues to play like this Bobs is going to play a lot of games!

  • bob should play a lot of games. we have 16 more back to backs.....corpi plays in 16 games?

    also good to see milano scoring again