• Ok, I'm back from vacation....and looking forward to going downtown! 

    The Leaves are looking for a playoff wildcard spot and we are chasing both the Caps and Pens.  So this looks like a good game.  I'm calling another tight game we win in OT: 4-3.

    Interesting that the Dispatch reports Hartnell will be a healthy scratch.  But I'm ok with resting guys...hey do it all the time in the NBA, I hear!

    Oh, and I read recently on wiki that it's unknown why they are called the Leafs, but there was a prior team in TO called the Leaves.  So the owner went with Leafs.  Go figure.

    let's go jack ets! clap  clap  clap-clap-clap

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  • Leafs are battling for #3 in the Atlantic against Boston. I am sure they'd rather play Ottawa than #1 in the Metro


  • Well that sucked! TML has more to play for but we had all the mo when we tied it up and then let is li away. Korpi is really having trouble controlling rebounds and giving up too many second chances. Team is giving up too many odd-man opportunities and they need to clamp down on those second chance opps in front of Korpi.

  • Heard some clear boos on the TV during that 8 minute major...

  • Polak got 2 games for boarding Bjorkstrand. I hope the kid is ok and not out long term. I know he didn't travel to Washington. Maybe he'll be back on Saturday, but would understand if they let him rest up a bit, before returning.

  • lol.  Yeah, 8 minute major.


    The nimrod behind us was negative from the first 30 seconds of the PP.  I get the frustration, but you don't need to share it with me.