GDT 75: Sabres @ NWA

GDT 75: Sabres @ NWA

  • Gotta win these games.


    "I'm looking for Superman to show up in goal again!"


    What I'd really like is a scoring outburst like the beginning of the season. 

  • Discussion
  • Agreed, need to find our offensive mojo again...and by "offensive mojo" I don't just mean goals, I mean controlling the puck, tilting the ice surface, winning the Corsi.

  • 3 goals... not exactly an outburst, but trending the right direction.

  • CBJ gave up a lot of shots and Bobs was good but many many of those SOGs were from the blue line or at the wall from bad angles. Team did a nice job defensively.

  • We just gotta get the power play back on track now.