GDT game 79: CBJ @ Pitssburgh

GDT game 79: CBJ @ Pitssburgh

  • Well, I kinda think we are lost, offensively.  It'll be interesting to see if Bjorkstrand and Milano have any impact.

    If Hainsey is on their top pair (due to injuries) it seems like teams ought to be able to score on them.

    But our offense is AWOL, so I expect the streak to continue.....

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    Speaking of the offense: they seem to have gone into thisfunk of playing "heavy." Not sure what else to call it, but it's what slower teams do to when playing faster opponents -- dump and chase and throw the puck to open ice. It's boring and not what they were doing earlier in the season when they were scoringlike mad. That's why Jack MFJ's goal the other day was crazy...he actually put on some offensive moves and scored. 

    And that PP...yikes. It's like they are just waiting for the perfect shot. Just let 'er fly!

  • Yeah...dump and chase has been our motto for the past few weeks :( Again, early in the season our schedule was well spread out so the guys stayed fresh. This crazy condensed second half of the schedule is ruining the quality of play all around the league.

    This is why we nix the World Cup, Olympics and hope our players don't go to the all star game. NBA coaches and players suggesting perhaps they cut the schedule back a bit to keep players fresh...NHL should consider that too (though I know they won't).

  • Somewhat game related, but while hating on Fat Phil Kessel, here's a reminder about his sis:


  • Lineups aren't announced yet, but Calvert and Korpikoski are scratches. Calvert likely would have skated with Karlsson and Bork, but no way can that line now include Milano.

    My guess, Hartnell and Bork switch spots, putting Ollie on the 3rd line with Ganger and Saad. Milano takes Calvert's spot on the 4th line.

  • Mark Scheig has it like this:

    Sadd- Wenny- Bjork
    Milano-Dubi- Cam
    Jenner-Wild Bill-Foligno


    Whine enough for the entire league

  • Damn!!

  • Torts is right, I watched the Pitts broadcast of the Canes Pens game Sunday and it was awful. Every time a Pen was bumped the claimed it a missed call. If a Cane got leveled it was good hockey. Next time a game is blacked out I will just miss it instead of finding an internet stream.

  • Listen to the Bruins announcers some time...Jack Edwards has gotten better but his color commentator Andy Brickman is the biggest whiner I have heard in the league...its so pathetic!

    That said...ha ha for Torts. I am sure it will be bulletin board material.

  • Torts presser: confirmed the 2 scratches I mentioned and that Jenner will play center with Gagner moving for FW.

    Wouldn't announce his lines. Bob is #2 seed over resting is the priority. Crazy guess at the lines.

    Hartnell/Wild Bill/Anderson (that's a Grinder's line)

    ...and I'm off on a beer run.

  • I think the highlights of this season might have already been realized.

    Crowd has been dead since the start too.

  • CBJ limping to finish line :(

  • They are just lost offensively. It's causing the defenders to play up / press, which has led to turnovers / neutral zone breaks in the last three games that have led directly to goals.

    Need to sort out the offense, which I think you start by getting back to shooting the puck on the PP. They have been so incredibly passive on the PP it is frustrating as all hell to watch.

    Anyone have a Werenski update? The injury break may help him overall if it isn't too serious, last I heard was day to day. I still think they are ok. Ratchet up the intensity in the playoffs and we will see where they land.

  • Well, that sucked.

    Obviously they will be playing these guys again in Round 1. They have to come out checking them hard and not taking their crap, especially after that little move by Crosby.

    But let's give credit to Murray, he had 38 saves and really frustrated this team. It's easy to lump this in with the losing streak and the past 6-7 games but in reality they outshot them, won more face-offs and out-checked them. The Pens even had more give-aways.

    The effort was there (even killed 3 penalties)...