Heatherington for Korpikowski

Heatherington for Korpikowski

  • So we gave up on the big dman and get a journeyman Fin 4th liner....

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  • We'll have to wait for Monster to give us his opinion on Heatherington Really glad CBJ did not mortgage any of real future for a run this year.

    Jarmo played around the edges but nothing huge.

    Looks like Joonas is the backup the rest of the season.

  • I don't think he was in Columbus' plans. He was usually good for a crosscheck penalty at the wrong time, other than that I never really paid attention to him. To be honest, when he wasn't in the lineup I never noticed until after the game if at all. Will Korpikowski play or is he an emergency player like Prout was. I don't see where him and Quincey fit. Anyway, tonight is the annual tip-a-monster dinner where the team are the waiters and serve dinner. Its a fundraiser to raise money and give the fansa chance to meet the players. This is our first time going so we are looking forward to it, we've heard it is a lot of fun as you can pay the players to do goofy things and such. Last year someone paid Michael Chaput to pull their kids tooth out. It should be fun.

  • From what I've read, Korpikowski has been one of the more steady players on the Stars this year. Another guy who will be a UFA after this season. I expect him to play tonight against the Wild.

  • BlueJacketsFanwPSL wrote:

    So we gave up on the big dman and get a journeyman Fin 4th liner....

    You know we have a handful of big defencemen in the system.

    • Carlsson first rounder is 6'4"
    • Gavrikov is 6'3"
    • Collins 6'5"
    • Ruopp 6'4"
    • Peeke: 2nd rounder is 6'2"