Hit on Crosby

Hit on Crosby

  • Curious to get everyone's opinion on the hit on Crosby last night.

    The Pittsburgh press is fanning the flames and the next game in Pittsburgh could get real ugly, real fast.



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  • Former teammates and it happened fast with Crosby falling. If you watch it again, he is watching the puck and not Crosby and well, it's unfortunate especially with Sid having had concussions in the past but it was by no means malicious.

  • That is how I see it, but I'm biased.  

  • I don't think it was malicious. Like Edwardson said, Crosby was falling down. I think the 5 + game was too much, too, but can understand why they gave it.

  • I know I am biased....  both FOR the CBJ and AGAINST the Pens.

    But it really seems like stripes are on the Pens team.  Five + game was acceptable in hindsight.  I expected 87 back for the 3rd, in which case I wasn't going to think 5 + game wasappropriate.  87 was falling and Niskanen was either going to get smacked by 87's stick or going to defend himself.  I think he's just putting it out there to protected himself.  (See previous bias caveat.)

    87 has a case of Lindros disease.  It's unfortunate, but seems to be the case.

    The way the Pens + 4 are playing....I don't think it's going to matter.  They'll win the cup.