July 10th this forum is disappearing...

July 10th this forum is disappearing...

  • Hey guys,

    I don't know if you have been paying attention to all the changes coming to OBR.  In summary, OBR is being folded into CBSSports and their forums are more limited than the OBR (in terms of the number of different forums it can have).  So...this CBJ/Monsters forum is being merged with the Indians and Cavs forums as "Other Cleveland Sports".

    I'll be honest...I have zero interest in MLB or NBA and I expect those two teams will overwhelm the CBJ/Monsters talk.  I really appreciate everything Barry has done over the years and I wish him the best with this transition but this will be my swan song in Hockeytown when the move actually happens.

    That said...I will still be frequenting the Brownsforum but I will be over on 1st Ohio Battery (known as "1OB").  They have forums and lots of articles you can comment on.  1OB can be found at


    Been nice chatting CBJ with everyone!


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  • you know, I tried creating an account on 1OB.  no luck.  I like the articles there...

  • I like the articles too...I actually prefer the site to The Dispatch for news/articles.

    I think you have to apply for an account...then they approve you...then you can comment on articles or reply to threads in the forums.  They do restrict you from starting threads until you have earned enough "points".  I think the system is silly but I survived until I had earned my way to starting threads.

    Send Rob Mixer a Tweet if you had problems...I am sure he can straighten things out.

  • 'Preciate the knowledge and info I've gathered here, and like you I've already found 1st Battery....pretty damn good site, especially the article talking about Duchene, then noticed an update on Yahoo that CBJ allegedly throwing Murray in as possibletrade....

  • so...it's D-Day?

  • Unless Barry changed his mind.

  • It's still here....

  • Looks like its been pushed back to later this month.

  • Not trying to pimp the 1OB (many of us post on multiple CBJ sites) but they are having a drawing for a pretty sweet looking CBJ ball cap.


  • I'm thinking I can keep it and maybe even put it on the menu.

  • Thanks Barry, you the best!

  • Looks like we are SAVED!!!! Good i like our little group of CBJers