my new favorite team is...

my new favorite team is...

  • Ottawa. 


    Yeah, yeah, I know.  I was a Caps fan last week.  But this is different.....

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  • These conference championships blow.

    Anaheim: should be heavy favorites but aren't playing like it. Likely the best bet at this point to stop the Pens. Didn't we all expect another Game 7 heart break?
    Nashville: pretty much the last team to get in the playoffs and they just keep "sneaking up" on people. Still don't like them from the CBJ days in the same conference. If they win, then this Ducks team takes the trophy as "best team to keep losing in the playoffs" and Andy Reid's Eagles teamswill gladly give it away.
    Pittsburgh: Despite my man crush for Amanda's Brother, my hatred for anything yellow and black won't go away. MAF is playing out of his mind. I hate yellow towels too.
    Ottawa: JHC, this has to be the most boring team in the NHL. 1--3-- Zone. 'Nuff said. Their best player is a freakin' D man. That series won't go past 5 games and the Sens will be lucky to have more than 7 goals combined in this series. (damn you Rangers and Caps)

  • I am also pulling for Ottawa to win the whole thing. I know it would piss off Toronto and Montreal if they aren't the teams to break the drought.

  • 5-1 drubbing says "shut up, Edwardson" dang

  • I think the games have been pretty good so far. I think whoever wins the west has a huge edge. Both Rinne and Gibson have been great and I just don't think the tenders in the east have been up to their level.

  • Come on Sens...finish off the Pens in Pittsburgh. That would be so sweet...and then I can just enjoy the Finals because I am fine with either team winning hoisting the Cup.

  • So originally I was rooting for Pittsburgh since they eliminated reminder a moral victory......however with pig jen there to open it.......yeah go preds

  • Game two: Let's Go Preds!!!

    Press got away with a cross check along the boards!

  • c'mon Catfish!

  • Man, the preds fans are pretty classless