The Hockey News is giving recognition to our playoff conundrum and has some interesting probabilities based off our likely match-ups that kind of brings to light the lack of fairness.

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  • Good catch on the is what it is and we have to do the best we can with it. Its no less fair to us than it is to the other Metro team that doesn't win the division.

    I was looking at the AHL race and its just as bad there...

    Eastern Conference:
    The top five teams in the East have 95, 90, 87, 87 and 82
    The top three teams in the North 79, 77 and 74

    Amazingly, the third place 87 point team in the East will cross over and be the lower seed vs the 79 point team at the top of the North.

  • I get how it's good for ratings. A Jackets v. Pens opening round will be crazy good. If you took the current positions though we'd be the 2 playing the number 7 Leafs. And then we'd probably get the Guins in the second round anyway!

    I just want to win a playoff series dammit!

  • If we can't finish 1st, then let's go for 2nd. Home ice will be huge considering the Pens have only lost 5 times at home.

  • THN hates us. The NHL hates us. Toronto War Room hates us. The refs hate us.

    We're all doomed....

    How sweet would it be to knock the Pens out in the firs round?

  • Sorry, I am not a conspiracy theorist :)