Reshaping the CBJ Roster - 2017 Season

Reshaping the CBJ Roster - 2017 Season

  • According to AP today: one word used this morning to describe the gap between #CBJ and Josh Anderson: “vast"

  • DoggyII said... (original post)

    My opinion is he is only hurting himself. I am sure Jarmo and Torts want him in the building this Thursday but I also think they feel they have plenty of up and comers hungry for a roster spot.

    As for the specific negotiations...have no idea what he is asking for or what the team is offering. As an RFA with no arbitration rights holding out is his only leverage.

    UnionandBlue cited a tweet suggesting that if the CBJ don't get a deal done with Andy, they could use him in a trade package to Colorado for Duchene...perhaps Murray, Andy and a first rounder. That actually doesn't sound all that crazy to me. They also suggest the possibility of being sent to the NHL's cellar might make Andy more flexible in his demands to stay in Columbus.

    i did see today that colorado is looking to move duchene......Anderson, murray and a 1st? With the way our youth performed in traverse city its a only concern here is we keep getting younger and less experienced where i think we need to keep some vets to have some experience come playoffs....ala someone like james neal.

  • The Duchene for Murray, Andy and a 1st have been talked about for awhile and it makes plenty of sense. I don't think it gets us much younger, Duchene is 26 vs Andy who is 23 and Murray was only looking like a third pairing d anyway. I jump on that offer if I am the CBJ.

  • Anderson signed and Dubois made the roster! Not really surprised by the either.

    Panarin/ Wenny / Atkinson
    Foligno / Duby / OB
    PLD / Jenner (hurt) / Anderson
    Calvert/ Sedlak/ Hainnakanen or Abromov (that hurt to type that...that 4th line got weaker over the offseason)

    It's time for these young guys and top picks to show what they have.

  • Andy sent to Cleveland for conditioning and Abramov didn't survive the first cutdown so he is back in Canadian Juniors for a third year. Looks more like...

    Breadman - Wenny - CAM (damn this is gonna be fun!)
    Milano - Foligno - OB (Foligno centering those two kids was pretty good)
    PLD - Dubi - Dalpe (until Andy finishes his conditioning stint or Boone gets healthy)
    Matty C - Sedlak - Hannkainen (how much weaker is that? Matty C and Seds were on that fourth line last year...just inserted Hannikainen over ???)

    I agree with you though...three rooks in PLD, Sonny and OB means we are putting more pressure on our #1 line to be lights out until the kids find their mojo. Not having Andy or Boone available really hurts!