saad wasn't a fit anyway....

saad wasn't a fit anyway....

  • so we shipped him back to Chicago!


    I don't think  we're done yet either.

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  • I like it! Does Motte bring anything to the trade?

  • Know nothing about Motte but I always felt like Saad left me wanting more. He never seemed to meet my expectations and he was the highest paid forward on the team. I like the move.

    Now the salary cap remains pretty much the same as Panarin was making the similar money but for less years but I do think he is more of a scorer than Saad.

  • Agreed across the board.

  • Jackets made a second trade. Sent Salituro to MN for a 3/4 line center. Not sure Salituro looks like a real NHL project...not anytime soon anyway and we have lots of small skill guys already.

  • This trade really doesn't make sense to me. Why would Chicago trade a player who put up solid numbers for a guy they already traded once and hasn't had any year as good as Panarin. Saad's best year is 20 points shy of what Panarin has done each year.If Saad didn't fit and points wise he had his 2 best years with Columbus, I don't see how Panarin fits, was he this good because he was playing on Kane's line, what happens to him with players that aren't as good as Kane. If the cap hit is about the sameI guess I don't get why Chicago would unload him seeing there are more proven players around him in Chicago. The only thing I could think of is they won't be able to afford him when his contract is up, which is exactly what an article I just found said. It also said they didn't like how he disappeared in the playoffs the last two years. Just what the Jackets need according to the people who think Bob disappears in the playoffs. Time will tell who got the better deal, but I think Chicago has the edge right now because they know what they had with Saad, the Jackets have to see how Panarin fits, and they don't have a Patrick Kane to put him with.

  • Isnt saad younger? That said, I like the trade as this kid seems to be a scorer something saad did sometimes. If this kid can score, take some pressure off Cam, then i think its a good trade.......

    BUT the same thing was said for Saad when he came here, he played on a scoring line in i am leery that this kid is the exact same as Saad was

  • It's all about the money...2 years from now.  Pretty much the same reason they traded Saad here in the first place.


    What I hear though is that Panarin CAN make something out of nothing.  He handles the puck extremely well and will go into the corners to get it and carry it out.

  • ... and I believe that Motte is a former teammate and close friend of Werenski's....

  • Some guys are snipers -- dudes that can create a goal when it doesn't look open -- and some scorers need a pretty open net or great pass to score. The Jackets have a LOT of the latter, and not many of the former. I'm sure this last season and end-of-year analysis made that obvious.

    Panarin is a sniper. Saad's game is too similar to 4-5 other guys on this team. While that may make for a solid team, it's not going to bring the Cup here. Plus other things I have no idea that may contribute -- howsaid player is on the PP or PK, in face-offs, size, speed, etc.

    I expect 1-2 free agent moves (scorers) and with some luck we'll see PLD and Oliver B. make big contributions this year.