• So ia was watching a few CBJ hockey fights and saw Torts behind the bench reacting to the refs penalty call and wondered, what difference has tortorella made with this club?  How has he took a young team with a good goaltender and turned them into the second best team in the NHL with the odds on favorite to be the Vezina trophy winner again?



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  • He came with a ring and the respect that comes with it. I think everbody was tired of losing. So that allowed him to be able to coach everybody.


    I think he's also really strong at identifying what is wrong and fixing it. He knows the game. Let's see if that PP gets back on track tonight because in his words "it is stuck in the mud".

    Then I think that somewhere along the line he realized we had some talent and that allowed him to relax relatively speaking and that hasmade him even a better coach. I just get the sense he's pretty comfortable with this group and he has a good read on them.

    That everybody agreed at the deadline that this was a beginning of something long term and that this season was a building block was good for the whole organization especially Torts. Dude is definitely a steam pipe. I always wonder when he'll go all Butch Davis and not show up.

    He likes Andy...I like Andy. Check.

    And Bobs...always Bobs.

  • I remember being disappointed with the decision at the time.

    Is he different than he was before? I don't pay much attention, unless it's a big the Hartley confrontation.

    He just seems calmer....

    It's definitely beengood for us.

  • ...and I'm still a believer


    Tough love for Torts here. I dont see it like this as he had to do something because the past month it has been difficult to score.

  • BlueJacketsFanwPSL wrote:

    ...and I'm still a believer

    Then I saw his I'm a believer (too).  Not a doubt in my mind!

  • I'm a believer yeah yeah yeah yeah yeaaaaa aaaaahhhhh!