VA thumbing nose at NHL-CHL rule

VA thumbing nose at NHL-CHL rule

  • Vitalii Abramov has told his Canadian Juniors team he will not be returning this season. IOW...if he does not make the CBJ roster out of camp, he will head to Europe and get paid to play against men while continuing to grow his game. I say "good for him"...the NHL - CHL rule is pretty BS and more North American prospects caught in the middle should consider going this route.

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  • Why is he not eligible for the AHL? He is old enough, or does it have to do with his junior status. He fit right in the 4 games he played last year, and had they made the playoffs he would have been a solid player for them.


    The above link explains the rule (read the second to last relates exactly to VA's situation.

    If you are drafted out of the CHL (Canadian Juniors) you must be 20 before you can play in the AHL. He is only nineteen years old this his options in North America are the NHL (if he can make the club) or head back to the CHL. This is an agreement between the NHL and CHL to protect the CHL from losing star players who are too good for the CHL but not good enough for the NHL.

    If VA had still been in Europe when he was drafted (not the CHL) and then come over to the CHL afterwards he could jump to the AHL at any time.

    PLD is in the same boat...might not be ready for the NHL, too good for the CHL but too young for the AHL. What do you do with him...force him to the NHL roster or send him to the CHL?

    One other restriction to this rule...once you send a guy down to the CHL you cannot recall him that year (except under special emergency circumstances).

    So...VA says "F-U" to the NHL-CHL restriction and says if I don't make the NHL roster I will continue my development in Europe. CBJ still own his rights and the team shouldn't be worried he is turning his back on the NHL. He just wants to start playing against men instead of boys and get paid a salary to do it. My guess is he either signs a one year deal or a two year deal that he can get out of after the first year if the CBJ want to call him up.

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