Army/Navy Game

Army/Navy Game

  • Army hasn't been this stationary since Monte Cassino

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  • Good job by the Boat School!
    Semper Fi

  • Makes you proud there are still young people like this around.

  • Great game for Navy. I work on a NATO base overseas with a bunch of Army folks, this will give me some good conversations come Monday. Being retired Navy and a football fanatic I consider it a great college football year if Navy beats Army and the Buckeyes beat that team up north. So 2019 rocked for college football.

  • Malcolm Perry - Navy QB - had 304 rushing yards in the game. Everyone else on both teams had 242 yards passing and rushing combined.

    Perry has 1804 rushing yards on the season. The NCAA single season rushing record for a QB is 1920, by Jordan Lynch of Northern Illinois. Navy has 1 game left, the Liberty Bowl on NYE against Kansas State.