Browns claim M.J. Stewart, activate Jarvis Landry & Karl Joseph

Browns claim M.J. Stewart, activate Jarvis Landry & Karl Joseph

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  • MJ Stewart got a PFF score of 61 last season. Nowhere near as bad as I anticipated for an abandoned high pick.

  • When MJ Stewart came out in the draft I remember liking him a lot... I saw him as an inside corner in the NFL... kind of surprised that he hasn’t developed into a starting level DB in the league... Seemed to be a tough competitive corner at UNC... a real gamer. He was excellent in man coverage in college and was also really good in run support. A tough and strong finisher when it came to his tackling ability. To the degree that I could have foreseen DC’s in the league possibly utilizing him as a somewhat undersized safety if need be. A guy that while he developed into a starting level contributor, could be a resource early on in special teams coverage units...

    He’s definitely worth a look based on what he displayed at UNC... hopefully a guy that, given a second chance, can unlock what he certainly does possess...

    Really I’m somewhat shocked the kid was given up on... especially given the investment they had in him. Makes me wonder if some baggage may be present that goes beyond the playing field..

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