Browns flag recommendations?

Browns flag recommendations?

  • Looking to get a Browns flag to hang on a flagpole beneath a US flag outdoors. Anyone have lunch with a particular flag that can hold up to some wind? Everything on Amazon looks like it won’t last a day....any recommendations?

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  • Steelers are lucky in that they can use the same technique for their flags as they do for their towels. The urine serves not only as a dye but it also toughens the material.

  • Don't advertise till you know they have their ***** together

  • dmnc94 said... (original post)Don't advertise till you know they have their ***** together

    Screw it, throw caution to the wind


  • The Browns already tried the surrender flag give away.

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  • This one has held up well for me. user generated

  • I like that Brownie elf flag....remember where you found it?